A Cut Above Pilot Shirts Review

Take a look at how A Cut Above Pilot Shirts have revolutionized the way pilots see their shirts by offering a highly personalized experience that will leave a pilot feeling and looking good in their new shirt. What are the pros and cons of these particular shirts? Read on for the A Cut Above pilot shirts review.

The Good

  • Choose from different fits to find a shirt that you’re comfortable in
  • Choose from different fabrics that will suit your environment and preference.
  • If you’re a taller pilot then there are fits available that will suit your frame
  • A Cut Above genuinely cares about how you look and feel, putting style and comfort in the same bracket.
  • Pants, jackets and accessories are available too
  • Lots of positive online reviews
  • Also available on Amazon

The Bad

  • The 30% restocking fee on blazers is a bit…much? Let’s go with a bit much
  • There aren’t as many options for female pilots (boo!)
  • Strict returns policy
  • A few poor reviews on the website

Verdict: A few poor reviews and less options for women, but the personalized experience is a huge win.


A Cut Above offers a unique perspective when it comes to shopping for your new pilot shirt. It’s a very personalized experience where you can build the shirt that you want to wear, which will give you confidence in your new apparel.

 You can finally say goodbye to those scratchy discount shirts from the pilot supplies store and go and treat yourself to a new shirt, hand-picked, that caters to all of your quirks and preferences. Choose the fit, length and even the fabric to look and feel good every time you take that walk through the terminal.

a cut above

 What is important to look for in a pilot shirt?

Comfort over style is the old adage that comes to mind here, but it isn’t the overarching rule. Yes, your shirt needs to look good – not too loose or too tight on the collars, shoulders, torso or cuff (if you go long sleeve). You also don’t want the sleeves to be hanging over your hands or halfway up your forearm either, again only if you go long sleeve. For the short sleeve, you also don’t want something that is hanging halfway down your forearms. These are the basic aesthetics we all look for when shopping for a shirt though, right?

 What’s most important, however, is that you are comfortable in your shirt. You don’t want to be spending hours in a shirt that’s too tight with unbreathable fabric, leaving you sweating profusely and claustrophobic. It’s not a great look! Your co-pilot probably won’t thank you for it either. Go for a shirt that looks professional but gives you the comfort you will need for those long-haul flights.

 Check out this handy guide that delves into the nuances of pilot shirts in a little more detail.

What are the features of A Cut Above Pilot shirts?

 There are many different features that A Cut Above Pilot shirts have that distinguish them from others, making them a not-so-average offering. Firstly, for males, you can select three different types of fit. Dependent on your body type and/ or general like or dislike, you can choose between fitted, tapered and relaxed fits. For females, there are maternity shirts, and you can choose from two different types of fabric. You can also opt for an open collar shirt too.

 There are also 4 different types of fabric that you can choose from for males. Again, depending on personal preference you can choose the light-weight fabric, Stratus, or the heavy-weight fabric, Tropo. The ‘A Cut Above’ website explains each fabric in detail and what their features and benefits are, making your choice a lot easier.

 You can also choose shirt lengths with male pilots that are 6’3”, or female pilots that are 5’9” or above, being able to select the ‘tall’ shirt length that is more accommodating for our vertically blessed (or cursed) aviation brothers and sisters.

 Finally, the wing eyelets are actually buttoned holes “positioned to make your pin placement more consistent.” This also eliminates the damage often caused to the surrounding fabric.

A cut above pilot shirts
Choose your style, then your fit, the color, fabric and size. Once selections are made, you can view the price based on your selections.

What are the different types of pilot shirts A Cut Above sell?

There are a couple of different shirts that A Cut Above sells and within these shirts, there are different options as explained previously in regard to fit and material.

For male and female pilots, if you go to the home page, then the ‘Flight’ page of the website you will see there is a ‘shirt builder’ option male and female links right here. By clicking this link you can then start to choose your fit, material, etc.

A cut above pilot shirts
Many customers love the personalized experience of choosing uniform specifics

For female pilots, for example, you can start by choosing between a standard or maternity shirt. You can then choose between short and long sleeves. Oddly, a colour option is then displayed only giving you the option of white (obviously). From there it is time to choose the fabric of your shirt. Female pilots have the choice between Cirrus or Tropo, and the details of these fabrics are explained on the website – they include features of being wrinkle-resistant, an open pocket and while the Cirrus is quite durable, the Tropo offers high stretch fabric.

You will then choose between your collar and the length of the shirt.

 It really is a great experience, as it is so personalized.

How much do A Cut Above pilot shirts cost?

The cost of A Cut Above pilot shirts really depends on how you personalize your shirt. For taller pilots, your shirt will cost a little more. For maternity shirts, again, will cost more. The different fabrics will also alter the price. It’s worth visiting the shirt builder page and seeing for yourself.

 We did a little trial run for a male shirt with the following parameters selected:

 ·        Tapered

·        White

·        Short sleeve

·        Cirrus fabric (wrinkle-resistant, durable, open pocket)

·        Regular length

·        17” collar

·        Standard width wing eyelets

Our selections made our shirt total USD$57.96. Give it a try here and see how much your personalized shirt would cost.

If you happen to do a Google search of A Cut Above Uniforms Promo Codes, you will find there are actually many websites and companies offering Uniforms coupon codes or a Uniforms promo code for significant discounts on the various Uniforms products by A Cut Above, so do your research and shop around for any new promo codes before you make your purchase.

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If you’re looking for jackets you can check out our Top 3 Pilot Jackets For 2022.

Advantages of A Cut Above pilot shirts

  • Choose from different fits to find a shirt that you’re comfortable in
  • Choose from different fabrics that will suit your environment and preference.
  • If you’re a taller pilot then there are fits available that will suit your frame
  • A Cut Above genuinely cares about how you look and feel, putting style and comfort in the same bracket.
A cut above pilot shirts
A Cut Above offer security uniforms, jackets, pants and various other accessories too

Disadvantages of A Cut Above pilot shirts

  • The 30% restocking fee on blazers is a bit…much? Let’s go with a bit much
  • There aren’t as many options for female pilots (boo!)
  • Strict returns policy
  • A few poor reviews on the website
A cut above pilot shirts
You can read reviews on the website – choose 5 stars, 4, down to 1 star, to read the related reviews

Can you buy A Cut Above pilot shirts elsewhere?

 Yes! There are other websites you can purchase A Cut Above Pilot shirts. So shop around as you may be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

Take a look at Amazon to find A Cut Above shirts and other products that they sell. There’s a whole selling page here that may be able to offer a better price than the A Cut Above website. Check out the links below for jackets and other A Cut Above accessories on Amazon.

A Cut Above Uniforms Jackson Overcoat | Water Resistant...
  • Water and wrinkle resistant for true road warrior gear
  • Formal uniform style keeps you in good graces with the chief
  • Zip out liner and lots of pockets make this mission flexible

 You’ll also find more A Cut Above products at Airhub store. Here you can get the shirts along with more of A Cut Above products. Again, it’s worth checking this out in case you manage to catch a sale at a particular time. This store also originates in Ukraine, so you’ll be helping out a Ukrainian business in a particular time of need. Set the currency in the top right corner to US dollar if you’re shopping from the U.S.

What is A Cut Above’s return policy?

A Cut Above has a straightforward return policy which is stated on their website – but it’s one that pilots might not like if you bought a blazer. There is a 30% restocking fee if you return a pilot’s blazer, making it quite a costly affair.

You can only return your items within 90 days of the items being shipped and only if they are returned in a clean and orderly manner. There should be no damage and the items should also not have been worn or laundered. Just return them as you found them, folks!

 For non-continental or international returns (so anyone outside of mainland USA), there’s no shipping label available, so you will have to foot the cost of return shipment yourself.

 The full details of the return policy can be found here.


A Cut Above offers a highly personalized experience that ensures you end up checking out of the online store with a shirt that you will feel comfortable and look good in. The options given to you far exceed what is offered in a normal pilot supply shop where you may end up with low-quality shirts, without natural fibers (that scratch away for your whole flight).

A Cut Above could do with offering a few more alternative fabrics and fits for female pilots, as they really do lack in this area, however, the personalization of the shirts and even just the experience of building your shirt on the website, makes you feel as though you’re making an investment in a shirt as opposed to just buying one.

A Cut Above shirts really do seem like money well spent, they are a strong brand with many returning customers.

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What pilot uniforms do you opt for? Have you tried A Cut Above, and how do you think their uniform and quality compare to other brands?

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