ABJ Drone Academy Review

A comprehensive evaluation of who ABJ Drone Academy is, the range of courses they offer, and the locations where their training is on offer. After reading this article, you will better understand how much their courses cost and which course is right for you.


Drones, once considered little more than remote control toys, now have many commercial applications and are being utilized across several industries, like the mining and construction industries as well as emergency services/SAR operations. If you’re looking for a high-growth, future-proof industry for a career, then look no further: the drone industry is only just beginning to make its impact on the world. With the global UAV industry expected to grow from US$9.5 billion in 2020 to US$92 billion by 2030 (source: Consortiq), drones are here to stay.

However, to operate drones commercially in most countries, you will need a drone license. Enter: companies like ABJ Drone Academy. In this article, we will detail who ABJ Drone Academy is, what courses they offer and how much they cost to assist you in determining if this is the right company, and industry, for you.

What is the ABJ Drone Academy?

The ABJ Drone Academy is a global drone education provider (mainly operating in the US and Europe) that offers a wide range of drone training including the basics, specialist courses relating to commercial applications, and instructor courses. They utilize a range of training techniques including online classes, simulator sessions, and real-world flying to get their clients qualified as professional drone pilots.

The knowledge and drone training you will gain will make you a more effective pilot of your drones and broaden your capabilities, allowing you to be more successful in this exciting industry. Expanding your understanding of what your drone can do will make you more confident and enable you to access new opportunities, enabling you to be able to market yourself and your services more effectively.

ABJ drone academy

What kind of courses do they run?

The ABJ website breaks the style of courses on offer into four sections: the first of which is simulator training, which allows students to practice their craft before using real drones, which cost money when they need to be purchased or repaired. ABJ also offers Primary Training, which includes drone pilot courses to prepare students for the US drone license (FAA Part 107) certification process, with the same course style being provided for the Indian drone license. (learn more on India’s DGCA website).

The type of course offered by ABJ is specialist training courses, which equip students with the skills to operate their drones in the commercial environment. These professional drone training courses include surveying, thermography, and photography courses, to name a few. The fourth and final category of training that ABJ conduct is instructor training, for those that want to teach others how to fly drones.

Who are the courses for?

As can be seen from the wide range of courses available at ABJ, their courses cater to almost anyone interested in getting a drone license who is interested in flying for commercial purposes. Even if you already have a drone license, but are wishing to upskill for your job or to start a side hustle, ABJ likely has a course for you.

ABJ drone academy

Where is the ABJ Drone academy based?

ABJ operates predominantly out of the USA and Europe, with their website listing their North American headquarters as Cranbury, NJ, and their European headquarters as Romford, East London, UK. However, it’s important to keep in mind that ABJ offers plenty of courses online, opening them up to other nations around the world. For the in-person training, as long as you live somewhere in North America or Europe, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding a course; most drone training providers will travel to locations where there is demand for their courses (for the right price).

How much do the courses cost?

With such a wide range of courses on offer, it’s understandable that the prices vary with each of them. The least expensive course on ABJ’s website currently is their Part 107 (US) Licence Prep online theory course, on sale for USD$95 down from USD$500. For in-person training, there are simply too many variables and potential customers will need to contact ABJ directly for pricing information. ABJ’s most expensive course is their Drone Thermography Level 1 course, on sale for USD$495 (original price of USD$1750).

Are the courses all online?

While ABJ offers an array of online courses, they also offer formal licensing training in several countries, and therefore, they also offer in-person training. The aforementioned Part 107 Licence Prep course is an example of this type of training, however, if you are located in another nation and are interested in obtaining your drone license with ABJ, be sure to get in touch with them correctly after doing your due diligence on your country’s drone regulations.

ABJ drone academy
Sample ABJ Certificate of completion

Advantages of the ABJ Drone academy

There are many pros to choosing a large, established, and reputable drone training provider to complete your courses, including the following:

–      Wide range of courses on offer to suit your personal or professional needs

–      Standardized courses and processes make ABJ’s training more affordable

–      Variety of locations across Europe and the USA

–      Lifetime access to course material

ABJ drone academy
Once you enrol in an online course, you can begin straight away

“In order to fly your drone under the FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107), you must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. This certificate demonstrates that you understand the regulations, operating requirements, and procedures for safely flying drones.”

ABJ drone academy
The ABJ courses do seem to be good value for money, especially with bonuses such as these on offer

Disadvantages of the ABJ Drone academy

Like all things in life, you take the good with the bad. As you can imagine, selecting a large, scaled organization such as ABJ also comes with some cons, such as:

–      Potential for long wait times on customer service inquiries

–      Standardized online courses may result in a lack of customization and personalization

–      Limited 1-on-1 time with an instructor to address your specific learning needs

Are the drone courses worth it?

So with all this said, how do ABJ’s courses stack up? Given the specialist nature of a lot of their courses, paired with the substantial discounts on offer at the moment, it’s easy to see that these courses are great value for money with these drone industry leaders. However, be sure to do your own research to determine which course is best for you and get the best bang for your buck.

ABJ drone academy
To operate drones commercially in most countries, you will need a drone license


ABJ Drone Academy is one of the largest online drone training providers across the globe, providing some of the most sought-after and specialized courses in the industry. After reading this article, you hopefully understand more about who they are, what they do, which course option is right for you, and how much it will cost. Now the only question left to ask is, which course will you choose to allow you to take to the skies? 

What is it about becoming a certified drone pilot that appeals to you the most?

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