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Aussie Pilot Exams is an online aviation exam preparation website. Read on for my Aussie Pilot Exams review covering products they offer and their pricing.

In this Aussie Pilot Exams review, I will look at the company history, have a small rant about aviation exams and why there is a need for a website like Aussie Pilot Exams, as well as write a review about my interaction with Aussie pilot exams, covering the interface, cost, and general experience. I engaged with Aussie Pilot Exams via email and much of the information was supplied by Aussie Pilot Exams – many thanks for the help.

The Good

  • Very reasonably priced
  • Provides exam preparation
  • Many subjects included
  • Instant results with mistakes clearly marked
  • Has free courses and exams
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Has theory options

The Bad

  • One of many suppliers
  • Not widely used – difficult to judge value
  • Pricing is confusing
  • Course content seems dated

Verdict: I think it is worth signing up for Aussie Pilot Exams if a student is writing the PPL exams and needs some practice before exams.

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Aussie Pilot Exams Review
Aussie Pilot Exams can be a great option for those preparing for their pilot exams (Source AussiePilotExams)

What are Aussie Pilot Exams? is an Australian training company founded online in early 2018. The idea of Aussie Pilot Exams started a bit earlier, during tutoring and studying experiences. The disconnect between exams and study material became obvious. The lack of knowledge drove the creation of a group exchanging notes, and test experiences.

Aussie Pilot Exams wanted to integrate three key areas; the classroom environment, the reading material provided and the online space where you can get information upon request. 

Costing was designed to be minimised, with the founder telling me that he personally remembers the expensive experience he had when he was a student.

A last motivator was the conviction that the material available online could be improved upon and that questions were either too basic or too advanced. Thus, Aussie Pilot Exams were created.

The relevance of online exam preparatory platforms for pilots

I have heard complaints about aviation exams from pilots from every nation I have ever spoken to about the subject. A big part of the unhappiness stems from the question method employed by most Aviation Authorities when creating exams. This technical trap-style question is nearly impossible to study for, as the questions are not designed to test knowledge.

This question method creates major frustration among pilots needing to pass flight exams. I have spoken to Airline captains who fly cross-ocean flights, and they expressed doubt about their ability to pass the Flight Planning ATPL Exam.

This disconnect between the examinations and real-world aviation makes it hard for the student to prepare sufficiently for an exam by merely studying theory.  The examinations will catch out the candidate with a word, method of presentation or even an internal “rounding” method.

This examination system creates the need for students to have “test prep”. Online suppliers of tests make the most sense as the content/exams can be updated in real-time.

Some online suppliers are excellent at duplicating exam questions word-for-word and thus a student could potentially pass by “studying answers”.

The whole examination system will need to be re-designed to change the need for online exam suppliers.

I have personally used many online exam preparation suppliers. I found them useful for passing exams.

Pilot walking towards light aircraft
It’s essential to understand the theory of flying before jumping in the cockpit

What do they provide? What kind of exams? What kind of resources? 

Aussie Pilot Exams provides theoretical knowledge and practise exams for pilots up to and including a CPL (commercial pilot licence) with an IR (instrument rating) rating. They thus provide training resources for RPL (recreational pilots licence), PPL (private pilots licence), and CPL. They also offer a flight instructor course – with topics for a GA (CASA/Normal plane) or RA Aus (Light Aircraft) covered.

The courses include theory and explanations, as well as practice exams. The theory component is a diagram with text only, and I did not see any video or audio resources in the courses I completed.

One of the free courses I signed up for covered the changes made to the Law – specifically Part 91. The course is broken up into lessons, with each new page containing a lesson. One needs to click on the “mark complete” to complete the lesson, and simply clicking on “next lesson” does not seem to “complete” the lesson. There is also a pop-up each time a lesson is marked complete, which gets irritating very quickly.

The course material is presented in a text-heavy manner, although I might be judging a bit harshly, as the lesson was about law, and all law lessons feel text-heavy. The text was at times hard to read due to sizing and column presentation.

How much does it cost? Per exam? Membership or subscription? 

The pricing on the website is somewhat confusing. There are multiple banners advertising various courses, exam preps and individual subjects. The options are not well presented, as can be seen on the pricing page.

There are subscription options – 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. These are attached to courses. i.e there is a 6-month option for the BAK (Basic Aeronautical Knowledge) and Human Factors advertised for A$49.95. The 6 months access for PPL (includes BAK questions) is currently on sale for A$59.95 (down from A$89.95).

For the CPL course, there is a 6-month subscription available for A$89.95 (down from A$149.95).

The premium package consists of BAK, PPL and CPL for 12 months for A$149.95, down from A$165.00.

Aussie Pilot Exams also has an IREX (instrument Rating) course for A$79.00, down from A$199.00.

An individual CPL subject costs A$39.95 on sale currently. I could not find any individual subjects for sale on the PPL level.

Can you access the exams on any device? 

Yes, the website worked great on IOS and Android phones, as well as on tablets. The website presented great on a small screen such as an iPhone. 

I did some exams on the iPhone as well and these worked very good.

man at desk studying
For me, having a range of devices and study options is always essential for any course to cater for learning styles

How often is the content and exams updated? 

This was one of the questions I asked Aussie Pilot Exams and this was their response:

“While major updates are infrequent, we actively address feedback and ensure timely adjustments. We structure our questions and materials to minimise the impact of changes, maintaining relevance for our users. 

The same if we receive feedback on something in particular.  We do try and keep the question and material structured enough that even if there is a question that might get affected by a change, it is specific enough to not require updating. 

An example would be if I referred you to a particular approach procedure where you have to look it up, chances are within a few months there may be a change, with us to prevent disappointment and frustration we will provide the approach procedure and ask the question directly on that, which is still relevant to obtain the required skill.  If we didn’t do that we would be overwhelmed in being “behind the aircraft” rather than continuing to produce relevant content.”

Aussie Pilot Exams

What is the user experience like? 

The user experience is mixed. There are things that the website does well and that I like a lot and things that could be improved. The overall opinion is probably that the website needs refinement.

On the positive side is the “useful documents” tab. Having quick access to these documents makes life easier – and the links worked. This is a feather in the cap of the creators as many aviation websites have expired links.

The website also offers PayPal as a payment service. You could pay by card, but you needed to checkout as a guest on PayPal. More methods of paying would be a good addition.

The main site also offers two separate login options – those with courses purchased, and those with only exams. This presents as unnecessarily complicated. A single login page with a drop-down option would be better.

The website does not provide guidance to “fresh” pilots – i.e. a new pilot would need advice as to what exams to purchase. The website will benefit from a “Start here” walk-through.

The text size and colour are good, and having photos of aeroplanes always scores you points in my eyes.

What has been the general feedback/ customer reviews? 

The feedback overall has been kind of hard to find. I checked online review websites such as Product Review, Quora and Trust Pilot (that link shows the results of the search “Aussie Pilot Exams”). Aussie Pilot Exams do not feature at all.

On aviation forums like PPRune, I could not locate any threads discussing Aussie Pilot Exams. Threads for Bob Tait, AvPlan and PPE (Practice Pilots Exams) exist though.

I did find some comments on the Facebook pages used by pilots in Australia. Information/reviews are in short supply and the general feeling seems to be that the various suppliers of online exams are good for studies up to and including PPL, but not accurate for exams above that. Some expressed doubts as to the effectiveness of online exams.

How is the customer support from Aussie Pilot Exams? 

In this case, I can honestly say that they were excellent. I contacted the email address supplied with various enquiries and got responses promptly.

I have not had issues to run past support from Aussie Pilot Exams, but I believe from the various responses I got, that the administrators would resolve issues in an acceptable time frame.

What is the pass rate of students using Aussie Pilot Exams?

According to Aussie Pilot Exams, they have a 99% pass rate as claimed on the home page. Where this data comes from was not specified.

The statistics in these cases are also hard to quantify due to the following reasons:  

  • Very few students use only one resource
  • Students who pass tend to share their results online much more than students who fail and
  • The level of exams that are attempted has many variations in pass rate, i.e. the CPL performance and flight planning exam has higher fail rates than the Aerodynamics exam. Results for exams can be seen on CASA exam results.
Aussie Pilot Exam Pass Rate
Aussie Pilot Exams claim to have an impressive 99% pass rate (Source AussiePilotExams)

Advantages of using Aussie Pilot Exams

  • Very reasonably priced
  • Provides exam preparation
  • Many subjects included
  • Instant results with mistakes clearly marked
  • Has free courses and exams
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Has theory options

Disadvantages of using Aussie Pilot Exams

  • One of many suppliers
  • Not widely used – difficult to judge value
  • Pricing is confusing
  • Course content seems dated

Final Thoughts – Are Aussie Pilot Exams worth it? 

Aussie Pilot exams does many of the things required of an aviation test preparation website – it has quizzes that duplicate the exams likely to be encountered, it shows results instantaneously with mistakes and correct answer displayed, and it offers different pricing options. It has courses for PPL, CPL and IREX. Its pricing is excellent. Its owners and creators seem to want to help students. There are many good things about Aussie Pilot Exams.

Despite all the good qualities, the number of users appears to be small, the course content presentation is outdated, and the sign-on process is confusing. There are also many other competitors that offer competition to Aussie Pilot Exams.

Aussie Pilot Exams responded to my question about why they need to be considered with the following:

“Aussie Pilot Exams believes our success is because we take a balanced approach in between testing the theory behind the MOS (Manual of Standards) based on our experience. If a student has questions or requests advice via email, we will go out of our way to respond in detail, very much like a private tutor because this is what we are passionate about. 

Overall is designed for the students who want a fast, relevant and efficient method of studying.”

Aussie Pilot Exams


As one of many online suppliers out there, Aussie Pilot Exams will always be judged comparatively. It is not the best supplier for online exams, but it does offer a real value for money option in the PPL exam range. My conclusion would be that I think it is worth signing up for Aussie Pilot Exams if a student is writing the Australian PPL exams and needs some practice before exams.

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