How to find the iPad Mini kneeboard that’s best for you

By now you have already selected the iPad mini as the most appropriate Electronic Flight Bag platform for use in your aircraft – rightly so, as the iPad mini is arguably the best platform for an EFB. Its compromise between screen size and compactness allows it to display enough map to provide pilots with adequate situational awareness, and it uses an A5 pages size conveniently the same size as that required to display instrument approach plates and by many global aviation regulations. An Electronic Flight Bag is one of the most important things I pack securely in my flight bag prior to flight.

Why is mounting an ipad kneeboard important?

There are several options for mounting and display of your iPad mini EFB, for example you may yoke Mount, specialised arm mount, suction cup window mount, or kneepad / kneeboard mount. Many of the former options need to be considered carefully, as mounting your iPad mini EFB in a position that may interfere with controls or aircraft lookout visibility may interfere with your ability to safely fly the aircraft and look out for traffic. This is a safety of flight issue, and as such may require an engineering approval for modification or regulatory approval for products such as yoke mounting adaptors. Non compliance may result in an accident or loss of insurance coverage if there is an incident. Accordingly, kneepad mounting offers a great compromise between simplicity and functionality.

Some of the best ipad mini kneeboards

We have collated some of the best ipPad Mini kneeboard in the market today and provide a brief review. The iPad Mini kneeboards below offer a good balance between functionality and simplicity.

If I am honest, I don’t enjoy shopping and I dislike spending money. I think that the company should really cover the cost of work related expenses like this anyway, but bear in mind if you DO have to purchase it yourself, to keep receipts and claim this on your annual tax return.

Flyboys F16 Viper

Most kneepads feature an elastic strap that wraps around a pilots leg, with a backing plate or hardened fabric on top of the leg that the iPad mini cam rest on. I personally use a flyboys F16 viper black canvas IFR/VFR kneepad (AUS $69.99 from Flight OR USD $39.95 on amazon) which is comfortable and can also have paper based charts or checklists clipped in alongside the iPad mini.

best ipad mini kneeboard
480 Reviews
FlyBoys Reversible Kneeboard - Clipboard & Pen Holder -...
  • AMBIDEXTROUS DESIGN: The Kneeboard has a reversible design with...
  • AMBIDEXTROUS DESIGN: The Kneeboard has a reversible design with...
  • FLEXIBLE: The Kneeboard features seven eyelets for securing...

RAM MOUNTS EZ-Roll’r Cradle

Harder, plastic mould based mounts can also be worn on the pilots knee, for example the RAM rotating leg kneeboard with Ez-ROLL’R (USD $14.99 on amazon OR AUS $45 from Mendelssohn pilot supplies can be worn on the pilots Leg and is specifically designed for iPad mini. The custom moulded specific cradle is also available for other models such as the all generations of iPad (iPad 4,3,2 and 1) and is designed for use without a case.

RAM MOUNTS EZ-Roll'r Cradle for Apple iPad mini 4 & 5...
  • Form-fit cradle for iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 5 provides a...
  • Compatible with B and C size RAM round ball bases for attaching a...
  • Included is a set of four nuts and bolts to connect the cradle to...

Flight Outfitters iPad Mini Pilot Kneeboard

Flight outfitters also offer rotating brackets allowing portrait or landscape orientation and inbuilt space to hold a cell phone or paper for jotting down the ATIS or tricky airways clearances on congested airspace. Whilst perfect for the iPad mini, this kneeboard is suited for all small devices between 3-5inches (Flight outfitters iPad mini kneeboard USD $59.95 on amazon).

No products found.

The Universal MyClipKneeboard

There myclipkneeboard is a simplistic design suitable for tablets and phones for, 3 to 12 inches screen size and is a great way to use your EFB in flight without worrying about its security. The adjustable tension clips are fully adjustable meaning that if you upgrade your tablet, you don’t need to get a new kneeboard (myclipkneeboard USD $35.60 on Amazon)

best ipad mini kneeboard
471 Reviews
MyClipKneeboard - Simplest Tablet Kneeboard - Universal
  • A Pilot's Tablet Kneeboard for ALL Types
  • Flexible and Comfortable
  • Perfect for IFR or VFR Flight!
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