Bob Tait CPL course review; How does it measure up?

This article delves into the Bob Tait CPL course and reviews if this is the right pathway for students to obtain their CPL. Whether you’re struggling with your aviation theory or not, this course review can help to inform you.


If you’re into aviation, then you’ve likely heard of Bob Tait; whether you’ve heard of Bob Tait through a friend or heard of Bob Tait online. You might (or even likely) have a Bob Tait book at home that you have spent countless hours reading and highlighting with an orange pen. Bob Tait’s name is synonymous with student pilots trying to pass their exams and get their golden ticket into the skies.

Did you know, however, that Bob Tait has a CPL course that students can attend? The course follows the seven study pathways toward achieving a pass in your CASA examinations1. For an investment of under $5000, you can have the course broken down into manageable sections which are easy to understand and digest. For some, it’s a no-brainer in their quest toward commercial flying. For others, it might seem a little steep. Keep reading to find out if this course could be the answer to your aviation theory woes.

Who is Bob Tait?

Bob Tait was born in Innisfail, Queensland, Australia. After spending 8 years in education, he decided to begin his now impactful career in aviation. He set up his own flight school and charter company in Ingham, North Queensland.

 After a while, Bob realised that the theoretical part of flight training was discouraging aspiring pilots, even making them quit in some cases. This was a sign for Bob to search for a way to make a difference, help people to achieve a positive result, and work to make aviation theory more accessible and achievable.

Bob Tait
Bob wanted to help students with the theory part of aviation training

With his background in education, Bob decided to create some change; he designed and implemented properly structured classroom lessons to help budding pilots through the theoretical aspects of their pilot training.

Bob Tait went on to become the author of several books which have become synonymous with learning the theoretical aspects of flying. These books include RPL/ PPL study guides and various books centred around CPL course theory such as meteorology content and navigation (which can be bought here2).

Bob Tait now has a full aviation school where student pilots can study for their various licences, the website for which can be found by following this link3.

“I just woke up one morning and found that I had become a theory specialist!”

Bob Tait 3

What is the Bob Tait CPL course?

The Bob Tait CPL course is a structured programme in which student pilots can learn the theoretical parts of the CPL. Obviously, this is required for any aspiring pilot if they want to gain their commercial licence.

This is an 8-week study period where students will cover the seven main aspects that they’ll have to display their knowledge of during their CASA examinations. During the course, the students can take their various examinations at different points of their choosing. This can help when a subject is still fresh in a student’s head.

 The course website can be found by clicking this link3.

Bob Tait

How long is the Bob Tait CPL course?

As mentioned above, the Bob Tait CPL course is an 8-week course where students will cover all 7 aspects of what encompasses the CASA CPL examination. However, there are flexible study options to suit students too. The option is there to pick and choose which aspect of the CPL course you would like to take. This is perfect for students who feel like they have a good grasp of the majority of the CPL course material but may need an extra helping hand with ‘navigation’, for example.

 You can choose a different combination of any subjects, making this a very flexible and affordable way of ensuring that you pass your CASA examination.

How much does the course cost?

To attend the full CPL course you will have to shell out the required $4,727. This covers all of the seven facets that are covered in the CASA Examination. For each individual subject, the costs are as follows:

 ·        CADA – Aerodynamics – $720

·        CSYA – General Knowledge – $720

·        CFPA – Performance – $800

·        CMET – Meteorology – $589

·        CNAV – Navigation – $720

·        CLWA – Air Law – $589

·        CHUF – HPL – $589

 The pricing list for the full course can be found on their site here3.

No products found.

Is the Bob Tait CPL course good?

This entirely depends on who you are and your requirements but, taking a high-level look, then the answer has to be yes. There are pilots from all over the world who swear by the information in Bob Tait’s books, and in truth, there are very few pilots who wouldn’t have owned and/or read a copy of Bob Tait’s books.

 For the course itself, then it can also be great. If you love flying but can struggle with the theoretical aspects, then the Bob Tait CPL course could be an absolute godsend for you. The course will break everything down for you into manageable chunks and you’ll have the guidance to be able to pass your CASA examination. There are even mock tests throughout the course to assess your level of knowledge. This could give you the confidence to go into an exam, or some pointers on areas that you could improve on.

Bob Tait

 If you however find that the theoretical aspects of your CPL training come easily to you, then this course probably won’t be necessary for you. It might be a great way to brush up and refine your knowledge, but if you don’t have the funds then it won’t necessarily be worth the outlay. Take your time to see if this would be beneficial for you or not.

“The emergencies you train for almost never happen. It’s the one you can’t train for that kills you.”

Ernest K. Gann

Advantages of the Bob Tait CPL course

  • You get guided through the CPL course content
  • Flexible study options
  • Mock examinations to assess current knowledge
  • Higher chance of passing CPL course
  • 8-weeks of study can be considered quick by some
  • Once you have an account, there is access to forums, videos and online resources
bob tait CPL course, human performance book
Bob Tait’s Human Performance & Limitations Book is widely available on several stores and is part of the CPL course.

Disadvantages of the Bob Tait CPL course

  • The cost of the course can be too much for student pilots
  • While 8-weeks may seem quick for some, it could mean valuable time out of the cockpit for others
  • Prior PPL knowledge5 is heavily preferred
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How do I enrol?

All you have to do to enrol in the course is apply through the form on the website, which can be found here. You have to enter some basic details such as your name, DOB, etc. You can then choose which course you would like to enrol in, with courses happening at various points of the year.

You can find their phone number and other contact details on the website here.

Bob Tait
Courses start at various times of the year. You can enrol using this form.


The Bob Tait CPL course is great for students that sometimes struggle to get a handle on the theoretical knowledge needed to obtain a CPL. Sometimes this can hold potential pilots back and discourage them from achieving their dreams. The Bob Tait CPL course is designed to give students a helping hand and to get them into aviation with a solid foundation of knowledge behind them, making passing their examination an achievable feat.

The price of the course may hold some students back with costs to student pilots already high to begin with. However, sometimes you can’t put a price on a dream. By selecting to complete the theoretical stage of the CPL and going through this course, you are increasing your chances of passing the CASA examination and becoming a pilot. It can be a small cost for some in comparison to what it can help you to achieve.

If you are an aspiring pilot that is being weighed down by theory, this could be the pathway for you. You can find them on Facebook here4.

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