Dauntless Aviation Test Prep Review

An aviation expert’s view on whether the Dauntless Aviation Test Prep app can deliver a pilot or aviation mechanic a confident pass in their next written test or check ride. This review looked behind the scenes and found that we wish we had this when we started out!


 If you are a pilot or aviation mechanic and want to increase your chances of success in the first attempt at a written test or check ride, then you absolutely need to read this review on the Dauntless Aviation Test Prep. It is a big call, but the learning experience the Dauntless Aviation Test Prep offers feels like it has come from the metaverse. You can shamelessly stack the odds in your favor with continual updates of data making this program not only for new pilots but even experienced pilots wanting to get the jump on professional development. Being self-paced and with instant answers, you can track your own progress and nail the test or check ride. This platform is better than a book!


What is Dauntless Aviation Test Prep?

 Dauntless Aviation Test Prep is the next generation of pilot training all wrapped up in a user-friendly from-the-sofa experience. In the past, how well you did on your written test or flight test had many variables but now you have an online tool to even out the rough edges to help you ooze confidence. In the game of aviation, confidence is what keeps you alive and if you know your stuff, then you are already ahead.

The platform is an interactive teacher created by real instructors where the user can easily select the type of test and actively ‘learn by doing.’ It has moved away from rote learning by the clever use of subtle variations in the questions, building your knowledge, preparing you for different examiners and preventing overwhelm.

By using scenario-based questions that build or ‘stack’ continually, the user can build their ability to recall answers on demand. Learning in this manner is the world’s best practice which comes from the top at ICAO and competency-based learning.


dauntless aviation test prep review

What kind of test does Dauntless Aviation Test prep you for?

With Dauntless Aviation Test Prep you have access to almost any test that you need from a written test, an oral test, right up to getting ‘ride ready’ for a check ride. The platform covers the aviation testing matrix for five aviation regulators including the FAA (USA), Transport Canada, UK, China, and EASA (Europe) covering ATPL and instrument flight theory.

dauntless aviation test prep review
The aim is to get you ‘Ride Ready’





 All pilot testing levels are available from the beginning with Private pilot (PPL), Commercial pilot (CPL), Flight Instructor, Multi engine and Airline transport licence. No pilot is left behind with practice just a click away for fixed-wing, helicopter, hot air balloons, seaplane, glider, and tailwheel aircraft.

“Our questions are filtered by test. This means that when using our app you will study only those questions that our editors have determined apply to your particular test – nothing less, and nothing more. This is a huge time saver.”

Dauntless Aviation – FAQs – Groundschool FAA knowledge test prep

What is covered in the Dauntless Aviation test prep?

Everything a pilot or aviation mechanic needs to know!

dauntless aviation test prep review
There are many test prep options, from Groundschool FAA Knowledge Test Prep, to Morse Code tutes and Name the aircraft quizzes.

To find what Dauntless Aviation test prep app has to offer, simply navigate to the user-friendly dashboard with the full range of practice options on the app-like index buttons. Select the test experience you seek, grab a coffee, and get started. The questions have a range of experiences designed to try your knowledge of the theory in multiple-choice style, then you get to the ‘doing’ phase and play with the interactive choices to reinforce your learning journey. Once complete you can see how you went and if you have any gaps you can click to find out more.

To act like a pro and stand out amongst your peers, the ‘Ride Ready’ program allows you to drill down into most aircraft types including the airplane’s specifications. You will be an ace at your performance calculations in no time.

The more you attempt, the better you get as the Dauntless Aviation test prep design is to change things up and vary and rearrange comparable questions, so your understanding goes deeper. There are several different learning methods so it does not matter how you best learn as you will be covered. The foundation is theory, practice, and confirm … all building on the previous attempt and very naturally building your confidence.

The ‘stack’ feature allows you to identify any areas of knowledge that might need a little more help on, leaving you feeling like you have one-on-one attention and a program tailored just for you.

What devices are compatible with Dauntless for the test prep?

If you are in the mood to study, then you will be pleased to know that the Dauntless Aviation test prep program is an all-access pass to your devices! All the big guys are covered including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Each device is compatible and it’s friendly to any size screen with no loss of functionality.

Is there an audio mode?

A good pilot always uses their time wisely and learning while listening in a relaxed state is well known to be successful for retention of knowledge. The Dauntless Aviation test prep app has an MP3 Audio option for learning on the go. Well recommended to let the information become second nature as once your ability to recall on demand is higher, it is handy when in the moment of your test.

Is the content current for 2022, and will it be continually updated?

Throw out your books, (well, do not actually!), however, the cherry on top of this knowledge burger is that there are no limits. The data is up to the minute, and you will notice when you log back in that the updates happen automatically and are integrated into the question suite, so you have peace of mind.

Advantages of the Dauntless Aviation Test Prep

 ·     Portable for on the go

·     User friendly

·     World’s best practice learning styles

·     Comfortable non-threatening environment

·     Learn by doing

·     Interactive and instant

dauntless aviation test prep review
Dauntless Aviation software is kept current and Up to date.

“When you use our apps, no matter what platform you study on, the learning content will be exactly the same and is updated simultaneously on all platforms.”

Dauntless Aviation – FAQs – General

Disadvantages of the Dauntless Aviation Test Prep

·     Not a lot!

·     Need a good internet connection

·     If you are technology challenged, then could be tricky

·     Not for paper and pen learners (if there are any left!)

How can I enrol in the Dauntless Aviation Test Prep?

Glad you asked! In four clicks you are enrolled. Simply go to https://www.dauntless-soft.com/ > Select your desired learning requirement > Select your airplane/licence type > Select your preferred device > Pay and boom … you can start your learning journey!

What does Dauntless Aviation software encompass?

When using the Dauntless Aviation software, the surprises are reduced because every step is easy and comprehensive; learn, practice, review, and repeat.


Aviation training is moving away from rote learning and towards the ‘learning by doing’ concept and the Dauntless Aviation Test Prep app delivers what it promises in a user-friendly, portable, and up-to-date format. A confident pilot or aviation mechanic starts from a deeper knowledge that can be recalled on demand. The three different methods of learning combined with subtle reinforcement of knowledge allow the user to build confidence on all common devices. A handy tool for instructors, students, aviation operators and any aviation lover wanting to increase competency at any level. The Dauntless Aviation Test Prep app is the future of professional training development leaving hardcover books at threat of extinction!

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