Delta Airlines Review; How do they compare?

Delta airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world and a legacy US carrier. Let’s gain some insight into the history of Delta airlines, their fleet size, and some frequently asked questions. We also explore if they are a good airline to work for in our full Delta Airlines Review..

Introduction – Delta Airlines Review

Delta Airlines is one of the major airlines operating in the US and a legacy carrier. Delta Airlines can trace its origins back to 2nd March 1925 when the airline was established as the world’s first aerial crop dusting operation called Huff Daland Dusters, founded by C.E Woolman. It was renamed and called Delta in 1930 due to its principal area of operations being the Mississippi Delta.

By 1970, Delta had fully entered the jet age and eight years later, in 1978, it began regular trans-Atlantic flights between Atlanta and London. In 1987, Delta launches its first-ever trans-Pacific route with non-stop flights between Portland and Tokyo. In 1997, Delta started expanding its network into South America and business was booming.

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However, bad times were around the corner with the 9/11 terrorist attacks which caused all US airlines to scale down their networks while laying off their employees in droves. As a result of poor financial performance and rising fuel costs, Delta was forced to seek bankruptcy protection in 2005. Despite takeover bids by competing airlines, Delta emerged from bankruptcy protection stronger and with a healthy balance sheet in 2007.

In 2008, Delta acquired the routes and aircraft of Northwest Airlines and by 2010 Northwest Airlines had been fully integrated into Delta Airlines. By 2019, the airline was expanding and earning bumper profits along with placing massive orders for new aircraft and recruiting fresh talent to meet its forecasted demands.

As 2020 began and the world began to shut down due to COVID-19, Delta airlines started to ramp down its operations and avoided laying off employees. Recently, Delta airlines gave its workforce a 4% pay raise. Currently, the airline has over 83,000 employees and is headquartered in Atlanta. Previous headquarter locations include Macon, Georgia, and Monroe, Louisiana. Delta Airlines is headed by Mr. Ed Bastian who serves as CEO. 

Where do Delta Airlines fly? Does Delta Airlines fly internationally?

Delta Airlines operates scheduled domestic and international flights. Its primary hub is located at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International airport. Internationally, Delta Airlines flies to 242 destinations in 52 countries spanning 6 continents. The airline also has 9 domestic bases, including Atlanta, from where it bases its pilots and other crews.

The 9 bases that Delta Airlines operates are:

1. Atlanta airport (Hartsfield-Jackson International)

2. Boston Logan International airport.

3. Los Angeles International airport.

4. Minneapolis / St Paul airport.

5. John F. Kennedy International airport.

6. LaGuardia, New York.

7. Salt Lake City International airport.

8. Detroit Metropolitan airport.

9. Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac) International airport.

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Delta flies domestically and internationally, and its hub is located at Atlanta International airport

Some of Delta’s international destinations include:

1. Switzerland (Zurich / Geneva).

2. Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka)

3. Turkey (Istanbul).

4. Greece (Athens).

5. Australia (Sydney).

For a complete list of all Delta flights and destinations, please click the link below:

While many airlines fly the same aircraft, travel to popular destinations and use similar tools, it’s our people and the values-led culture they create that set Delta apart

Ed Bastian, Chief Executive Officer, delta (

How long has Delta Airlines been around?

Delta Airlines is one of the oldest carriers in the world. It has been around for 97 years. The key to Delta Airlines being around for such a long time is the focus on customer service and the top management taking the right strategic decisions at the right time.

Strategic partnerships and codeshares with other airlines have also played an important role in keeping Delta a major player in the US aviation market.

delta airlines review, delta plane
Delta Airlines is one of the oldest carriers in the world. It has been around for 97 years.

Is Delta Airlines a good airline to work for?

Delta airlines have been reported to be one of the best companies to work for in the US. In 2019, it was named one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” according to Fortune. Ex-employees are also highly satisfied with Delta and praise Delta as a friendly and employee-oriented company.

In 2021, it was ranked as one of the healthiest workplaces in America. Commitment to safety and constant innovation sets Delta airlines apart from other major carriers and so it definitely has some strong points compared to some other airlines.

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For quite a few years, Delta offered the most lucrative pay among all US legacy carriers, but recently there has been concerns regarding pay conditions

How much do Delta Airlines pilots get paid?

A new first officer at Delta airlines can be expected to make around USD$66,583 per year whereas a senior Captain can be expected to be making approx. USD$257,657.40 yearly. For quite a few years, Delta offered the most lucrative pay among all US legacy carriers, but recently more than 1200 pilots have held demonstrations to voice their concern over the pay conditions.

These demonstrations took place after pilots of United Airlines were offered an industry-leading contract with significantly better pay and work-life balance. Pilots at Delta are seeking better pay, work-life balance, health insurance, job security, and retirement options that are equivalent to or better than those offered to pilots working for United Airlines.

For more information on the demonstrations held by Delta pilots, you can click the link below:

In contrast, new flight attendants at Delta are expected to earn $33,000 –  $45,000 per year, and in their late career, they can expect to earn an average of $118,000 per year. Recently, the flight attendants at Delta convinced the management to pay them during the boarding process which traditionally they weren’t paid for. Traditionally, flight attendants only started earning once the doors of the aircraft were closed.

You can read our article on How much Commercial Pilots get paid HERE.

We also have an article on how to get Low Hour First Pilot jobs which you can read HERE.

Are Delta Airlines flights safe?

Of the three major US airlines, Delta Airlines is the safest airline according to the website Delta Airlines not only is compliant with FAA safety regulations but also EASA safety regulations. It also has an IATA Operational Safety Audit Certification.

The company was fully compliant with COVID-19 safety measures during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak providing flight attendants and all crew with PPE, enforcing social distancing measures onboard its aircraft, and making the use of face masks compulsory.

A testament to Delta Airlines being safe is the world-class training its crew receives.

“Both in the air and on the ground, we are focused on lowering our carbon footprint, furthering an equitable work environment that values diversity and inclusion and living these values in the communities where we live, work and serve.”

What planes do Delta Airlines use?

Delta Airlines operates a total of 877 aircraft with a further 14 aircraft on order. The average fleet age is 14.7 years. Delta Airlines operates a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Following is a table containing a detailed breakdown of Delta’s current fleet:

Aircraft TypeCurrentOn orderTotal
Airbus A2205656
Airbus A3195757
Airbus A3206161
Airbus A3211307137
Airbus A33057562
Airbus A35024226
Boeing 7176464
Boeing 737236236
Boeing 757127127
Boeing 7676565
Grand Total87714891

Please click on the links below for more information regarding Delta’s fleet:

Is Delta one of the largest airlines in the world?

Delta Airlines is the largest airline in the world in terms of asset value, revenue, and market capitalization.

Advantages of flying for Delta Airlines:

  • Profit sharing
  • Lucrative retirement savings plan.
  • Free & discounted flights.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance.
  • Paid leave benefits.
  • Committed to a sustainable future
delta airlines review, delta plane
Delta Airlines is the largest airline in the world in terms of asset value, revenue, and market capitalization.

Disadvantages of flying for Delta Airlines:

  • Potentially poor work-life balance.
  • Reports of ‘horrible customer service’ and other poor Delta airlines reviews regarding high luggage fees and delayed flights (you can see some HERE)
  • Currently, pilots are being paid lower than their counterparts at United Airlines.  


Is Delta Airlines reliable?

Delta airlines ranks higher than United Airlines and American airlines in terms of reliability. It also has a higher rating than United Airlines concerning on-time arrivals and departures, and few flight delays.

When was Delta Airlines last crash?

Although incidents and emergency events have happened on flights operated by Delta, the last crash involving a fatality occurred on July 6, 1996. Flight 1288, scheduled to fly from Pensacola Regional Airport to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International airport, suffered an uncontained engine failure during the take-off roll.

The pilots successfully rejected the takeoff, however, 2 fatalities occurred when debris from the engine penetrated the cabin and caused fatal head injuries to two occupants.

For more information on this accident, you can click the link below:

How much is Delta Airlines worth?

Currently, Delta airlines has a net worth of 19.12 billion dollars. The total assets are valued at 73.74 billion dollars as of March 2022.

For the latest updates regarding the financials of Delta Airlines, you can click the link below:

Is Delta Airlines a good airline?

Delta airlines is a 3-star rated airline according to Skytrax for the overall experience it offers to its valued customers.

Conclusion – Delta Airlines Review

Overall, Delta air lines offers its customers a premium product which is great value for their money. It also offers its customers an inflight experience that is second to none. As they expand in the future, Delta air lines will need to expand its hubs and create new profitable routes while maintaining the same level of customer service that their customers have become accustomed to.

Regarding the fleet of Delta airlines, they will need to expedite their fleet modernization program by phasing out the fuel-guzzling Boeing 717s and replacing them with much more fuel-efficient options. By doing so, they will not only save fuel costs but also lower the average age of their fleet.

Do you have experience flying Delta? Or will you fly Delta in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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