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Drones Direct is a company that has managed to build a trusted, “homely” feel online store that offers high-quality drones and drone application solutions. In this review, I take a look at how Drones Direct Operates, what products they supply, and whether they are worth considering when looking for a drone.


Drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial vehicles) have exploded unto the world scene in the last decade. They are generally cheap to buy and operate, greatly reduces the risk to pilots and as the capabilities of the drones grow, slowly change the way companies do business. Drones are not all business and no fun though, Drone racing is a new and exciting phenomenon, and who has not seen the amazing footage that everyday people are capturing with drones? Knowing where to buy a drone has become a challenge in itself. This article will review Drones Direct, an online retailer mainly servicing Europe.

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What are Drones Direct?

Drones Direct (previously known as ProFlight UK) is a one-stop-shop for all things drones or drone-related. Using the word shop is not really appropriate – Drones Direct does sell drones, and they do have a physical presence where the drones can be collected, but they are in truth an online retailer – most of the business is conducted through the internet. Drones Direct partnered with Buy It Direct Ltd in order to ensure drones enjoy the same “order now, we deliver in a day or two” approach that distinguishes successful online retailers.

drones direct
Drones Direct are a ‘one-stop shop for all things drone and anything related to remote control aircraft.’

Drones Direct also has a well-manned telephone option – this is a good business focus. Frustration often exists around online shopping if a client cannot “talk to somebody”.  

Drones Direct offers mostly DJI drones – see here for DJI. They do however stock a few different brands as well.

“One of our greatest strengths is our warm and welcoming approach; no question is too small and no problem is too big. You can call us for advice, email us for advice or pop in for advice.”


Where are Drones Direct based?

Drones Direct is based in Huddersfield, United Kingdom, with shops/collection points in East Maitland and Elland.

As mentioned before though, they do most business online and have delivery options across Europe including Ireland, France, Spain, and a few more European countries.

They are part of Buy it Direct which is a limited company registered in England. Buy it Direct registered office is in the Trident business park, Huddersfield, Leeds Road, West Yorkshire.

You can visit their website HERE.

You can also find them on Facebook HERE.

What else do Drones Direct sell?

As mentioned previously, Drones Direct partnerships with the Buy It Direct Limited company, a sizeable online retailer based in the UK, and this partnership has resulted in a wide range of products being available from the Drones Direct Website.

On the website tab named drones, a potential customer can choose from Consumer Drones, Commercial Drones, Accessories, Cinematography, and (strange paring as it may seem) Scooters. The scooters are electric and allow for quick transit around a city, whilst being small enough to take into trains, offices, and homes.  

The accessories tab will allow a client to purchase batteries, chargers, propeller guards, and a few more optional extras, including carrying bags. Replacement remote controllers are also available. The cinematography tab is all things photo and video related, for aerial photography. The products vary widely from one another and any prospective drone owner should be able to find what they are looking for.

On a further note – there are multiple overhead tabs available on the Drones Direct website that shows the Buy It Direct group focus and these include: Appliances Direct, Laptops Direct, Better Bathrooms, Furniture 123 and AirConditioners.

drones direct
Drones Direct sell a wide variety of accessories too.

How much does a good drone cost?

Due to the major explosion of the drones market in the last few years and the continued growth the drone market is forecast to experience (Commercial Drone Market Size & Share Report, 2021-2028 (grandviewresearch.com)), the amount of drones (models and capabilities), and their application has increased. There are very few “generally good or bad drones” out there. The measure of drone has changed to what role the drone is designed to fill.

When shopping for a drone for commercial purposes, you will struggle to find decent performance (Battery, range, attachment – i.e camera, infrared) for an amount less than USD $1200. This amount is by no means set in stone, as drone technology is moving at a rapid pace. As component production ramps up, the cost should decrease. The counterpoint to that is the long-lasting effects of COVID 19, shortages in computer chips, batteries and all production items might result in unusually high prices for the next few years.

For US $ 2000 – 3000 you should be able to find a drone that can serve most commercial purposes.

For high-quality drones, you should not be amazed to pay up to US $ 15 000. These will be state-of-the-art drones with amazing capabilities.

For the everyday enthusiast that wants a good quality drone with decent features and a good quality camera, anywhere in the price range of US $ 300 – 600.

Drones Direct sells most DJI drones – these are considered high-quality drones and are found worldwide. Recently DJI has been losing some of its market share – DJI market share the influence of this is still difficult to judge, but competition is generally good for driving down prices.

drones direct
There is a wide variety of drones for business and commercial use

Do you need a license to fly a drone?

In most countries, a license is required to fly a drone in a commercial application. This license is usually issued by the Civil Aviation Authority. The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has published regulations about drones, and most countries in the world follow the ICAO’s advice. The regulations can be found linked here: ICAO Reg 101/102

In the UK you do not need a license for a small drone, and neither do you currently in the US (the drone needs to be registered though, if above a certain weight).

Regulating drones has become a major focus for Aviation Authorities in the last couple of years, and the industry is moving towards making all drone flying dependent on having a license.

Drone infringements at airports are increasing as can be seen from the amount of near misses between planes and drones in the years from 2013 to 2018 in the UK. You might want to consider whether drone insurance is appropriate for you or not too.

What training and courses do Drones Direct offer?

Drones Direct offers three training courses. There is an entry-level drone pilot course – good for drone hobbyists. It will include drone functions, handling and covering the applicable laws.

For clients that want to apply the drone for a commercial purpose, Drones Direct can offer a training course that will grant the trainee a full commercial license. The training will be EASA accredited, and the license holder will be able to exercise the privileges of the license in all of Europe.

Drones Direct also provides Surveying training.

Do Drones Direct sell refurbished drones?

Yes – Drones Direct has a wide variety of refurbished drones to choose from.

Advantages of Drones direct

  • Online service – can browse from anywhere
  • Customer service is really good – waiting periods were less than 3min and consultants were knowledgeable and helpful
  • Relatively quick delivery times (often next day delivery)
  • Wide variety of drones (and more options through the other Buy it Direct tabs)
  • Accredited training provider

“As well as having the country’s biggest range of drones and accessories, we also offer training, aerial photography and videography services for both personal and business use”


Disadvantages of Drones Direct 

  • Delivery only in certain countries in Europe
  • Website is somewhat confusing with all the tabs and options included
  • No automated “help me pick a drone” checklist
  • Not the cheapest of drone suppliers

Is Drones Direct a good place to buy drones?

Drones Direct is flourishing in a highly competitive market – as such, one can have the assurance that they are indeed a good retailer to buy a drone from. Drones Direct has managed a 4-star rating on Trust pilot – Trust Pilot. This is usually a sign that Drones Direct generally has happy customers and good reviews. However, as with many things in the modern, online world, it will be beneficial to any prospective buyer to look for comparisons.

drones direct


Drones Direct is an online drone retailer that has partnered with a major online retailing group in order to ensure the service one receives is smooth, easy to use, and provides high-quality drones that are fit for purpose. Certain features such as the training component make Drones Direct a definite option when shopping for a drone.

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