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Flyertalk is an interactive community where frequent travelers and pilots worldwide share their knowledge and experiences on travel.


Flyertalk is an online forum that allows discussion about airline frequent-flyer programs. In addition, it discusses hotel loyalty programs and travel-related issues, as well as reviews airports, airlines and hotels. This site was started in 1998 by Randy Petersen, and was obtained by LLC DBA Internet Brands in 2007.

This blog will discuss details about Flyertalk and review it from all aspects.

flyertalk review

What is Flyertalk?

Flyertalk is an online pilot magazine with massive online forums that gathers more than 799,000 travelers and pilots globally who discuss travel-related topics. These forums obtain opportunities to meet diverse travelers and create new friends. Many members in the forum ask questions from one another and request advice in this regard, and they share their travel experiences with others in the travel industry. It offers communities that discuss travel, recent events, inside flyer info, and personal experience, and Flyertalk has forums that are open to talk about business 24/7.

These online forums are based on the following categories:

  • Airlines and mileage programs
  • Travel & Dining
  • Destinations and airports
  • Miles & Points
  • Support & Services
  • Community

Not limited to this, many subforums allow members to discuss different topics about travel. It includes a discussion about credit card programs, mileage programs, car rental programs, loyalty programs, and hotels and places to stay. Moreover, they discuss environmentally-friendly travel, travel tools, and products and plan travel itineraries. 

flyertalk review
Examples of the different forums available on Flyertalk

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving”

Lao Tzu

Who Uses Flyertalk?

Flyertalk has frequent flyer members, including airlines, hotels, travel business owners, private business owners, etc, as well as pilots and those in the aviation industry. Many airlines post about official announcements and changes to their services, in the forums on a routine basis.

Readers of Flyertalk combine their knowledge into a knowledgeable base. It has more than 200 forums and more than 10,000,000 posts. Its users are not limited, but it has unique visitors daily; around 27,000 – 52,000.

What are the Benefits of a Flyertalk Membership?

Flyertalk is a free community for travelers that offers engaging online forums that allow members to discuss travel-related topics. It does not have any registration fee, so you can start interacting with travelers worldwide.

This community allows the discussion of diverse topics, and you will discuss with people who travel for vacations and as a lifestyle.

You can use the search function to search for discussion points or articles on particular topics.

Having membership in this forum offers you several benefits:

1.     Join a Community of Travelers

Flyertalk has more than 799,000 members from all around the world. It also includes some nomads who are constant travelers, and at the same time, some members travel during vacations. Its members allow you to meet similar people who have an interest in traveling, or those who do it as part of their career – such as pilots.

2.     Get access to Special Deals

Flyertalk members use two subforums, including “Mileage Run Deals” and “Hotel Deals.” It helps members find special offers at affordable prices from different airlines and hotels globally.

3.     Share Traveling experiences on the Online Forum

These online forums are great and allow you to discuss travel-related topics, airlines, airports and destinations. Members use the forums to request advice and ask questions, and they also share their travel experiences with other members.

Flyertalk is very welcoming to new members too. You can also find them on Facebook HERE.

flyertalk review
Here you can see a snapshot of trending threads across all forums.

Is Flyertalk free?

Yes, Flyertalk is a free website, but it is expected to offer its premium version in the future. It is regularly updated, however.

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”

Ibn Battuta

Advantages of using Flyertalk

A Hub for Travel Knowledge

Flyertalk is a platform that offers travel information and universal knowledge that expands its functional capabilities and provides additional business value. It allows all members to collaborate, connect with other members, and share ideas.

It includes an online platform for conversation, and this knowledge is helpful for organizations to increase communication about traveling. The inclusion of online travel forums is a core tool within internal organizations. It can strengthen collaboration opportunities.

A Tool for Knowledge Creation

Flyertalk acts as a powerful tool to assist teams in working together to post and share new information. This universal forum can assist in the creation of knowledge about travel guides. The members who have in-depth knowledge about traveling communicate with other members and share their valuable knowledge.

Internal Traveling Information

Flyertalk stands out with its internal travel information. This community is responsive, lively, and helpful and offers tips on how to get upgrades on flights, as well as many other useful travel tips.

It has many forums that are subdivided by topic. One of the most popular forums is the Mileage Run Deals forum, which posts the best flight deals. It also allows members to discuss the details of the frequent flyer program.

flyertalk review
Current news articles displayed under the ‘News’ tab – these were specific Airline News articles

Disadvantages of using Flyertalk

Only one real disadvantage to note here;

Service Status Activity

The official site of Flyertalk shows that sometimes there are automatic checks. Moreover, it shows that it has a slow response time. Often, it is down, and members may have to wait for a long time for connectivity. The server is often overloaded, down, or website maintenance is in progress.

What are the Flyertalk competitors?

Major competitors of Flyertalk include the following:

·        Juicy Miles

·        Award Magic



·        Frequent Miler

·        Award Nexus

·        The


Is Flyer talk the Most Popular Online Pilot Magazine?

Flyertalk is the most popular online pilot magazine as it has a vast content library and online forums.


All in all, Flyertalk is one of the most reliable platforms for travelers, airline communities, pilots and those in the aviation industry, to gather up-to-date information related to traveling. It includes a news section that explores airlines, hotels, and airports. Its forums have information about airlines & mileage programs, destinations, Flyertalk cares, community, miles points, travel & dining, etc. Overall, this comprehensive online platform shares multiple aspects of travel and related experiences.

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