Galaxy Flying Academy: Everything you need to know

The Galaxy Flying Academy is one of the largest flight training academies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It offers CAAB and ICAO standard flying training courses, including PPL & CPL. This article will explain what Galaxy Flying Academy is: its courses, its admission process, and the facilities it offers.

Introduction – Galaxy Flying Academy

Are you among the aspirant pilots looking for a suitable flying academy? Galaxy Flying Academy is the top choice of candidates in Bangladesh. Admission entirely depends on knowing all crucial aspects like its reputation, course details, the procedure for applying, and more.

The Academy supports all pilot training programs ranging from ab initio to advance recurrent flight training. You get a dynamic, interactive, and flexible environment. The vision of the Academy is to earn a unique position as a leader in pilot training in Asia. 

What is the Galaxy Flying Academy?

Galaxy Flying Academy is one of the leading ab-initio flight training academies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This residential Academy plays the role of the first residential private flight Academy in Bangladesh. Its training includes operating 5 training aircraft for flight training of students. So far, this Academy has provided training to more than 200 students, and trains them to award PPL and CPL.

The Academy conducts basic classes in Dhaka, and its flight training takes place at Shah Mukhdum airport, Rajshahi. The Academy has a contract with the leading airlines in the country. This certified academy by the Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh, is a renowned academy for pilots. The certificate approval number is 03.

galaxy flying academy
The Galaxy Flying Academy is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh

What does the Galaxy flying academy cost?

The Academy prepares students and offers several training programs. The cost for main courses is based on the different courses it offers. It includes major courses such as Private Pilot’s License and Commercial Pilot’s License.

The Fee Structure for the Academy is seen in the table below. All prices are in Bangladeshi Taka.

galaxy flying academy
Galaxy Flying Academy Fee Structure, as seen on their website HERE.

Is the Galaxy Flying Academy a good flight school?

Yes, the GFA is a good flight school as it has high standards and provides high-end facilities to its pupils with genuine commitment and dedication.

You can find out more about the Galaxy Flying Academy by watching this YouTube video:

galaxy flying academy
The GFA was the first residential private flight Academy in Bangladesh

What courses does Galaxy Flying Academy run?

The Academy offers the following courses, including PPL, CPL, and IR. The Pilot Career Centre Oceania features them here.

1.     Private Pilot License

A private pilot license is available in a certificate that provides pilot training in command of an aircraft. It comprises foundational knowledge for all future pilot training.


·        The candidate should be at least 16 years

·        Must have passed class ten or equivalent degree from a recognized board

·        Pass all medical assessments clearly

·        Adequate proficiency in the English language

Flight Experience

·        The candidate needs to pass 40 hours on Single Engine Piston Cessna-152 aircraft/ Cessna 172

·        Must cover 30 hours of dual flying.

·        Pass 10 hours solo flying, including 5 hours cross country

2.     Instrument Rating

An instrument rating is the pilot rating one earns through specific training that focuses on flying individually concerning instruments. 


·        The candidate’s minimum age should be 17 years.

·        Should have a matriculation degree or equivalent from a recognized board.

·        Should have a class 2 medical assessment

·        Must have proficiency in the English language

Flight Experience

·        The candidate must pass 40 hours on Single Engine Piston Cessna-152 aircraft/ Cessna 172

·        Pass 30 hours of dual flying.

Commercial Pilot License

A commercial pilot license is a type of pilot license certification that enables someone to operate an aircraft professionally.


·        The age should be minimum of 17 years when joining the course.

·        The candidate should have a degree of class 10+12 with Mathematics and Physics or its equivalent. Candidates who have given exams and waiting for results are also eligible to apply for this. Their selection process will take place after the clearance of their 10+12 examination.

·        Should pass a medical examination (Class 1) taken in CAAB approved medical center. 

·        Have proficiency in English.

Fight Experience

·        Flight experience should be around 70 hours PIC flying minimum.

·        Cross country flying should be a minimum of 20 hours.

·        Night flight should be of minimum 5 hours.

·        It also includes GF flying.

“Flying is a dream and also a passion which is proved to be a lucrative career worldwide.  The GFA was established with the primary aim of imparting flight training to aspiring students. Committed to excellence, our objective is to provide world-class training to such students who dream to reach the sky and want to take flying as a career.”

Mohammed Younus, Managing Director, GFA

How do I apply to get into the Galaxy Flying Academy?

Now that you know what courses the GFA offers, let us discuss the admission process and how you can apply for this.

If you want to join the Galaxy Flight Academy for training, you need to collect an application form from the academy office in Dhaka or Rajshahi. Then you need to fill out the form with all essential credentials and submit it to the academy office.

Note: You can also apply by filling out this form online from the official website. Apply now to get admission.

Process to Apply

  • The pilot training course is open for both males and females. When you submit the admission form online or offline, you must attach the necessary documents and deposit BDT 1,000.00 for the admission registration fee.
  • If you have any queries and correspondence concerning admission, you can address them to the GFA office in Dhaka.
  • If any foreigner wants to apply for pilot training at this Academy, they must pay an additional USD$3,000.00 for administrative processing. Then candidates are provided with all required documents from GFA, then they can apply for and process their visa on their own.

Assessment Process

Before admission, the candidate needs to pass a one-day assessment conducted at GFA Dhaka Campus. This assessment includes tests for candidates like:

·        Capacity

·        Aptitude

·        General knowledge

·        Team skills

·        Personality

·        Verbal reasoning

·        Communication skills

·        Commitment and dedication

After completing the assessment as per the academy standards, the candidates can be admitted to the PPL course.

galaxy flying academy
The GFA run several training programs including PPL and CPL training. They also have their own private aircraft for student training.

Advantages of Galaxy Flying Academy

1)    Standards and Procedures

The Academy follows strict standards that ultimately help you build a successful career as a pilot with a strong profile. The Academy has set rules and procedures that are important to follow. So, you will achieve a sense of respect for discipline that is crucial to working as a professional pilot in any airline.

2)    Guaranteed Career Opportunity

The flight academy collaborates with numerous airlines so students have opportunities to get hired after the successful completion of their flight training. The Academy possesses a good grounding and reputation. Those who are well-trained in aerodynamics, flight procedures, jet engines, aviation transportation, and advanced flight procedures are likely to get opportunities for their careers. So, a good reputation and proven track record in this Academy can help you explore ample opportunities to climb your career’s peak.

3)    Ultra-modern Facilities

Enrolling at the Galaxy Flight Academy grants you high-end facilities that you may not obtain in a less-resourced flying school. Students at this Academy enjoy ultra-modern facilities along with comfortable accommodation.

Top-notch training and supreme facilities can help you become a well-versed pilot. The track record of successful pilots from this Academy will increase your position for future jobs in any reputable airline industry.

“We believe learning should be interactive and enjoyable. Although the program is intense and there is a lot to learn, we are here to help you succeed, and will do everything we can to help you.”

Air Commodore Mashiul Azam, ndc, psc (retd)
Chief Executive Officer, GFA

Disadvantages of Galaxy Flying Academy

1)    Tight Schedule

One of the most common disadvantages that all flying academies have is; the tight schedule. Like other flying schools, you will find the most demanding schedule in the GFA. In other words, once you get admission, you must prioritize your flight school training over other goals.

You can set your schedule with flexible hours, but you have to spend long hours at this Academy for training. However, you may not have such a tight schedule in a typical flying Academy.

2)    High Cost

Another aspect to consider is its overall cost; nearly 18 lakh BDT excluding travel and other expenses. Other flying academies in Bangladesh may also charge more or less than this amount; nevertheless, its minimum cost is also 6-figures.

3)    Strict Rules

Getting training in a flying school is not the easy process you might imagine. There are many rules and regulations to follow to train for flying high above in the clouds. Keep in mind that there is no leniency if you make any mistake. You need to learn to follow all rules seriously. Aviation procedures include intense levels of caution, so pilots need to have extra attention to detail, even minor things, in their training.


If you have been dreaming of a career in aviation and you have the passion, the time to put into training and a willingness to learn, it might be a sign that you’re ready to enrol in a flight school.

Joining the Galaxy Academy in Bangladesh is a strong choice for professional training as a pilot, especially if you are local to the Bangladesh coordinate and you’ve been researching different flight schools. Successful completion of training will help you explore opportunities in the airline industry. You can contact the academy’s official website to get more details about its current batch.

You can find the phone number and other contact details if you visit their website here.

The GFA are located at House # 44 (Level – 12), Road # 1, Sector # 3, Jashim Uddin Road, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

You can also find them on Instagram here.

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