JetBlue Airlines Review; Pros and Cons

If you are considering JetBlue for employment or travel, then this JetBlue Airlines review will take you behind the scenes at a ‘species’ of an adaptable airline. It is an aviation jungle out there, so keep reading, and let’s clear up some myths!


When creating a review on an airline, it does not take long to end up in the world of quotes. In the case of this JetBlue airline review, depending on which Charles Darwin quote version you find, the one I like is “the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment.” JetBlue has adapted and survived through 2021, establishing airline partners to expand their network outside their direct flights, growing up, and moving into mergers and acquisitions. If you are curious about the JetBlue species, this Jet Blue review is for you!

Where do JetBlue airlines fly?

JetBlue Airlines, at the core, fly predominately in the USA, over the border to Vancouver, Canada, and just under ten destinations in South America with direct flights. The airline route structure is expanded by using an airline partner model. JetBlue’s main partner is American Airlines, with many other partner airlines on a code share style basis opening up destinations around the world via a connecting flight. This means you can easily get a connecting flight to your destination on one ticket. JetBlue boasts a carriage of forty million passengers with one thousand daily flights.

JetBlue Airlines Review
American Airline JetBlue has routes all over America, however can fly anywhere in the world with their partner airlines.
Picture: Jetblue Blog

Does JetBlue fly internationally?

JetBlue flies to local destinations such as Canada and South America casting a larger international footprint using a partnering codeshare arrangement. This allows an enhanced passenger experience by booking one fare and easier check-through of baggage.

How long has JetBlue airlines been around?

JetBlue was incorporated in 1998 in Delaware as ‘New air’ operating as Jetblue in 2000. Under the leadership of JetBlue’s founder David Neeleman, the airline was one of only a few that made a profit during the September 11 attacks.  

JetBlue Airlines Review
Founded by David Neeleman in 1998.

Is Jetblue airlines a good airline to work for?

Of course, there are always pros and cons when reviewing an airline. JetBlue is a low-cost carrier model, which suggests that the wages are not top of the range; however, as in most low-cost carrier models globally, what you lose in dollars, you gain in fun. Many low-cost airline employees worldwide report that although professional, a more relaxed vibe was encouraged. If you want to express yourself and have fun while at work, and money is not your only motivator, then JetBlue is a good choice for you. Do not expect the conditions and lifestyle of the big three in the USA (Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines). However, it is also because it is not the big three that it is easier to get a job there in comparison.

How much do Jetblue pilots get paid?

JetBlue’s pay model has a starting salary in the first year, increasing yearly to year 12. In the table below, the salaries are estimated and rounded for ease of presentation.

Aircraft TypeCaptain annual salary Year 1-12 in USDFirst Officer annual salary Year 1-12 in USD
Airbus 320$132,000 – $183,000$44,000 – $124,000
Embraer$118,000 – $165,000$44,000 – $112,000

It is always the intent of a pilot to progress to become a Captain once the experience is gained from a professional and ego perspective; however, the money does not suck either! Compare how much commercial pilots earn here.

Are JetBlue Airlines flights safe?

Every airline in the USA is subject to regulatory approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations which allows them to operate. That means the FAA can remove the approval if an airline is not compliant. JetBlue has FAA regulator approval. On the list of low-cost carriers globally, JetBlue makes it into the top ten. The criteria on which it is based consider if the airline has had a fatal crash within the last 10 years, if the airline has suffered any pilot-related incidents, if the airline has passed all its regulatory audits, and does it adhere to Covid-19 protocols. Considering all of this, JetBlue Airlines flights can be considered safe!

You don’t have to spend a jillion dollars on advertising to get your word out. What matters is that customers have a good experience with your product at every single point of contact.’

David neeleman, jetblue founder/ceo

What planes do JetBlue use?

JetBlue management are either Airbus lovers or have negotiated a great deal with the manufacturer or both! We all love a new plane. As of July 2022, the current fleet configuration totals 285, comprising 225 from the Airbus family and the remaining 60 being Embraer 190. The Airbus fleet consists of A220, A320, A321, A321LR, A321XLR, and A321 neo. The airline has future orders of 153 aircraft, which tells the industry that the company wants to capitalize on the post-Covid-19 rush to go on holiday!

What airline is JetBlue part of?

When we delve into JetBlue airways’ pros and cons, their low-cost model is a pro; however, you might be left thinking that they are too small if you want to go further or internationally. Outside of JetBlue’s core network, their airline partner model means that you effectively have access to the world through a codeshare arrangement. With their American Airlines partner, access to the additional number of flights means more destinations and, in some cases, loyalty benefits as well.

JetBlue Airlines Review
JetBlue partners with American Airlines to provide customers more flights and destinations.

Advantages of flying for JetBlue airlines

  • Great Safety record
  • Competitive salary compared to other low-cost carriers
  • Low cost
  • More destinations through airline partners (from a passenger perspective)
  • More of a family feel amongst staff
  • Modern Fleet
  • Looking to expand motivated to acquire Spirit airlines
  • Resilient, having survived the downturn and struggle in 2021
  • Have the protection of a professional organization
  • Free wifi

Disadvantages of flying for JetBlue airlines

  • Low-cost carriers often expect you to go the extra mile which is not always recognized
  • Lower pay than the big three carriers
  • Lower conditions than the big three carriers  
JetBlue Airlines Review
With high trust, success comes faster, better, and at lower cost.’ – David Neeleman JetBlue founder/CEO
Picture: JetBlue Blog

FAQs about JetBlue airlines:

Is JetBlue Airlines reliable?

In the current climate of post-pandemic recovery, this is a tough question to ask! Of course, from the perspective of getting you there safe, JetBlue Airlines is reliable. If you drill down a little deeper, JetBlue Airlines has not fared as well in on-time performance (OTP), coming in ninth on a recent poll with analysis data from the US Department of Transport, behind Spirit and Frontier Airlines. Some of the delays were the big and annoying disruptive types (also known as ‘extreme’ delays) which are greater than two hours in duration.

Is JetBlue going out of business?

The inner circle of any company is truly the only ones privy to the actual position of the balance sheet behind the balance sheet. However, the clues indicate that JetBlue is not going out of business, instead, they are currently in negotiations for expansion by merger and acquisition of Spirit Airlines. The reports bandied about are that they are willing to spend USD$3.6M to secure Spirit Airlines.

Why does JetBlue have so few flights?

There are two reasons for the apparent drop in JetBlue flights on some routes reported preparing for the summer vacation schedule in balancing predicted flights and available pilots. In some of the major hubs, such as New York’s JFK, Washington’s Reagan airport, and LaGuardia, for reasons cited as ‘contractual’ underpinned by staff shortages (pilots, flight crew, flight attendants, ground staff, and more). Staff shortages are likely across all airlines as travel picks up and covid leave pulls staff offline.

Is JetBlue Airlines a good airline?

To comment on whether JetBlue is a ‘good’ airline needs to be put in context as it will depend on which lens you are looking through. To have employment in an expanding company means JetBlue is a good airline. If you are looking for maximum pay and conditions, then not fantastic but still a ‘good’ airline. If you are a passenger that can only reference one experience on one flight being late, then you might say JetBlue was not ‘good’. It is all relative but from the perspective of safety, flying JetBlue is good! JetBlue reviews indicate a mixture of good and bad reviews from a customer perspective.

JetBlue Airlines Review
JetBlue supports Military customers with special discounts and fares, airport assistance and other unique services.
Picture: Jetblue website


Any airline that gets you to your destination for domestic or international travel safely is a good airline. In this JetBlue review filtering out any bias and looking at the business facts and survey polls, it becomes clear that JetBlue is a good choice for budding pilots seeking jet time and passengers seeking a good deal on booking flights. With a good safety record, modern fleet, connections to airline partners, and expansion plans, JetBlue gives out a vibe that they have more pros than cons as a choice of carrier over other airlines. Market share in any country is always a harsh environment to operate in, but JetBlue seems to have the goods to avoid the storm, and you might just have a bit of fun along the way!

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