Meet our Pilots; Laura Koerbin

Hi, I’m Laura, and I actually never thought I’d be working as a full-time pilot! If you asked me at the end of my school years, being a pilot wouldn’t have even been an option; but here I am, and now I can’t imagine doing anything else. Read on to find out a little more about me, and my journey to becoming a professional pilot.

Laura Koerbin


I have always loved aviation – I grew up in Merimbula NSW and spent many afternoons after school with my Dad in his hangar where he runs his small aircraft maintenance business. I would often join him on flights and out for Sunday sessions at the local aeroclub, and as I got older I had a keen interest in warbirds, aerobatics, airshows, and aviation history – I should have known the signs! At the end of my University years, after studying foreign affairs and Asian languages – and living under the flightpath of Shellharbour Airport for about four years – I decided to bite the bullet and give flying a go.

Laura Koerbin
Me and My Dad enjoying some Pizza after cleaning the oil off our hands -100 hourly servicing can get messy! Dad has been an big positive influence on my aviation career, and has taught me all about the mechanics behind aircraft. I credit him for my passes in Aircraft General Knowledge and Systems!

Becoming a pilot; my first job

To cut a long story short, it started as a weekend hobby until my instructor sat me down and told me I had potential, then I moved back home and worked for Dad while I studied and worked my way through from an RA-Aus Pilot Certificate to a CASA CPL. Before I knew it I was flying a whole variety of aircraft, soon landing my first job as a commercial pilot out at William Creek, flying for Trevor Wright at Wrightsair.

Laura Koerbin
An ‘Un-manned’ flight! Girl Power!

Advanced training

What a great experience that was (and I’ll surely write more about that in the future!). Fast forward about a year and a half, I was granted a scholarship through the Australian Women Pilots’ Association which I used to gain a turbine engine rating. From there I did a summer of skydive flying (and skydive jumping) which was an absolute blast!

Laura Koerbin

After the skydiving gig wound up, I managed to score an amazing job in Broome WA where I now work flying FIFO and charter operations around the North-West Kimberley.

Laura Koerbin
Gaining a Turbine endorsement allowed me to fly the mighty Cessna C-208 Caravan! One of my all time favorite aircraft to fly

My Passions

My passions within aviation include encouraging girls and women to get involved and breaking down the barriers they may face, opening up dialogue within the aviation community to encourage growth and change as a new generation of pilots come through, and also representing General Aviation within Australia – going airlines is only one of many many options as a pilot! There are so many other opportunities out there that I’d love to show newer pilots. Anyway, enough about me – I’m looking forward to sharing some stories and wisdom and I hope you can gain some insight into the Australian commercial pilot life. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions you’d like answered!

Laura Koerbin
Dad and I hosting the Women’s aircraft maintenance day


So that is me – I’m Laura! If you asked me at the end of my school years, being a pilot wouldn’t have even been an option; but here I am, and now I can’t imagine anything else! Becoming a pilot was one of the best things I have ever done. If you are still on the fence, check out whether becoming a pilot is worth the cost. If your holding back just because your a girl, then hopefully reading this has given you some motivation – if I can do it, anyone can! Don’t hesitate to get in touch and you can follow me here by leaving a comment, or by checking me out on Instagram @Laurakoerbin


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laura koerbin

Laura Koerbin

Laura is a commercial pilot with several years of GA experience under her belt. From being brought up around her Dad’s aircraft maintenance hangar in Merimbula NSW to working and flying all around the Australian Outback, she has a keen love for all things GA, and loves to share the passion. Laura has flown as a casual ferry pilot in NSW, scenic and charter pilot in Outback SA, skydive pilot, and currently flies charter and FIFO operations out of Broome WA. Laura is especially passionate about encouraging people, especially more young women, to get in the left hand seat and give flying a go.

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