Pilot Tshirts; Do I Need One, And Where Do I Buy One?

Do all pilots wear pilot Tshirts? Let’s take a look at the necessity of pilot Tshirts, different types and where you can buy them.


Pilot Tshirts are becoming a fashion statement due to their comfortable fabric and wrinkle-resistant properties. They can be worn in various ways for different occasions, including on the job, making them a versatile choice for anyone on the go. The breathable fabric makes them ideal for travel, for under uniforms and long days spent outdoors.

So, do you need a pilot Tshirt? Is it part of the pilot uniform? Let’s unpack it all here.

What is a pilot Tshirt?

A pilot Tshirt is a stretchable shirt with long or short sleeves. It has a body-hugging fit and is usually worn as a base layer under other clothing. They are also quick-drying, making them a good choice for active people who may sweat often. Pilot Tshirts are available in various colors and styles to suit any taste.

pilot tshirts
Pilot Tshirts are an optional item and while some private pilots might wear them as is, many pilots choose to wear them under their uniform shirt.

Do most pilots wear pilot Tshirts?

Pilots, flight attendants, and other aircrew members often wear pilot Tshirts under their pilot shirt because they are comfortable to wear for long hours.

While they are not for all pilots, many choose to wear them as an extra layer of warmth, or to soak up sweat, or simply for comfort.

Is it necessary for pilots to wear pilot Tshirts?

While they are not required to wear them, many pilots choose to for comfort and practicality.

Are there different types of pilot Tshirts?

Various kinds of Tshirts are available for purchase by pilots. The types vary depending on the intended use and wear.

Style-wise, pilot Tshirts can be found in both men’s and women’s cuts. They are also available in various colors, although the most popular choices are usually white, grey, or black, especially if they are to be worn as part of or underneath a pilot uniform.

Materials can range from 100% cotton, cotton elastane, bamboo, cotton polyestor blends, nylon or rayon, or tri blends.

pilot tshirts
The types of pilot shirts available vary depending on the intended use and wear.

Why do pilots wear short sleeves?

Most pilots wear short sleeves because it is more comfortable in the cockpit. For one, it can get pretty hot in the cockpit, so wearing short sleeves helps to keep them cool. Additionally, it can be challenging to reach all the controls with a long sleeve, so it’s simply more convenient to wear short ones.

Safety is the primary concern in the cockpit, so pilots want to be as comfortable as possible. Pilot shirts are designed to keep pilots cool and comfortable in the cockpit. They are usually lightweight materials that help wick away moisture and keep the pilot’s skin dry.

pilot tshirts
Most pilots wear short sleeves because it is more comfortable in the cockpit.

Where can you buy pilot Tshirts?

Pilot Tshirts can be found at any aviation shop or an online website. Some popular online stores to buy pilot shirts include:

●    etsy.com

●    zazzle.com

●    redbubble.com

●    walmart.com

●    spreadshirt.com


●    sportys.com

●    pilotmall.com

You can also buy many different pilot Tshirts on Amazon.

No products found.

How much do pilot Tshirts cost?

Pilot Tshirts may cost anywhere from $7 to $50, depending on the brand, design, and quality. You can usually find them for sale at airports, souvenir shops, or online. The cheapest option is to buy one from Amazon, and you can find various designs and brands. The minimum price on Amazon is about $6.98.

Pilotmall and Etsy also offer a wide variety of Tshirts for sale. The prices on Pilotmall start from $9.60, while Etsy’s prices start from $9.87.

Mypilotstore, Sportys, Wallmart, and Spreadshirt are a few other stores that sell pilot T-shirts at a reasonable price ranging from $10.95 to $16.99. Zazzle and Redbubble, on the other hand, have a more extensive collection of T-shirts with costs in a bit higher range, starting from $21.80 and $21.93, respectively.

What is the best kind of pilot Tshirt?

Many different companies sell these shirts, and the designs vary widely. While some people may prefer a more casual shirt with a simple logo or design, others may prefer plain colours, simple fabrics and a classic, timeless design.

Custom pilot shirts are also available from some companies. These shirts can be designed with specific logos or text and may be made from higher quality materials than some of the mass-produced shirts.

Custom-fit Tshirts are the best among all, and these are usually tailored to fit a specific person’s body type. Quality-wise, these shirts are often on par and made of non-iron materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a pilot Tshirt?

You don’t need a pilot Tshirt, but many people think they look good under a pilot uniform, as well as help to absorb sweat, and add a layer of comfort.

Where can I buy a pilot Tshirt?

You can buy pilot Tshirts at many online retailers or at many physical stores that sell pilot supplies.

What is the best pilot Tshirt?

The best pilot Tshirt is the one that has a great fit, is good quality, comfortable and is made of a nice fabric that is breathable, while not costing too much. A pen slot can also come in super handy!

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Whether you’re a Captain, a flight instructor, a student pilot or co-pilot, pilot Tshirts are an optional clothing item and are therefore a very individual choice. There are many different materials and styles available online as well as in aviation stores.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for pilot Tshirts, however, including shirt fit, colour, material quality, cost and comfort. They can often make the whole outfit, along with the right jacket, sunglasses, pilot watch and pilot bag of course!

Do you wear pilot Tshirts? Do you have a favourite brand or style? Let us know in the comments.

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