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Episode one of the Gouge Podcast by Pro Aviation Tips: An introduction to gouge

Episode one of the Gouge Podcast hosted by Ken is an introduction where we meet hosts Ken and Jorgo, and learn about their aviation backgrounds. Ken explains the concept of the Gouge, and how it helped him pass rigorous flight testing and examinations earning him a commercial pilots licence and instructor rating, and later passing the incredibly challenging Air Force Pilots course. Ken shares some of his own goals for the Gouge Podcast, and talks about what to expect from future episodes.

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Introduction to Gouge



G’day, Im Ken and welcome to the gouge podcast. So. I was told the way to start a really good podcast was to make a bunch of really bad ones first, so here we are (laugh). In all seriousness though, I am incredibly passionate about aviation, and I have loved flying as long as I can remember.

This passion lead me first into general aviation, and then led to a flying career in the military. I am a retired Air Force pilot and hold a commercial licence with ATPL subjects and a bunch of ratings, but never got around to taking the Multi crew coordination ATPL flight test.

CASA changed some rules a while back which made it pretty confusing for military guys going to the airlines, these days of course the airlines sort everything out for you and you don’t need the actual ATPL until you go for captaincy in an airline. However I moved into business rather than the airlines -so these days I just fly for fun – but I still love instructing and teaching my studs to make sure they become the best pilots they can.

I have a technical background in Engineering, with postgraduate degrees in Aeronautical, Test and Evaluation and Space Engineering. The little kid in me always wanted to become a test pilot and an astronaut, and I like to think that maybe one day that will still happen!

My 14 year career in the Air Force took me all over the world where, I met, flew with and learned from some of the worlds best pilots. We flew extensively in peace time operations and training exercises, and also saw action in war like operations where I flew combat missions in the Middle East. Flying complex multi engined aircraft in challenging situations taught me a lot about crew resource management, decision making and leadership, but also about myself.

Closer to home, my love of grass roots general aviation was equally as challenging and satisfying. Whether it was trying to master the gentle art of safely flying Warbirds, learning to fly complex aerobatic sequences, or help a student overcome a big mental roadblock, I have worked my ass off in the cockpit and loved every minute of it.

I have also had my fair share of bad luck, complex emergencies and engine failures, but thanks to proper training and judicious use of the gouge, I am here talking today.

In the military, we had a lot of sayings. One of them is Gouge. Gouge is basically the best tips, tricks and hacks to help you pass rigorous flight training and testing, and to help manage your workload as a line pilot.

I started the Pro Aviation Tips site initially because I wanted to share the gouge, and help people become better, and safer, pilots. I also got sick of repeating myself to my students, and initially I just planned to upload all of my instructor briefings – and it grew from there.

I love writing about aviation and flying, and Along the way I have been joined by a number of professional pilots, most of which are qualified instructors too. With both civilian and military flying backgrounds, Our experience ranges from civilian recreational, sport and aerobatic, private, training, commercial, turboprop and jet aircraft, to various military types including transport, heavy airlift and fast jet fighter aircraft.

The Gouge (tips and knowledge) that we’ve written on ProAviationTips are the very same we have used ourselves to get through rigorous flight training and testing. It’s also the same that we have passed on to our students and the next generation of pilots, so you can be sure you’re getting the best information to get ahead as a pilot.

Along with myself, you can expect to hear from Jorgo on the podcast. Jorgo is an ex Knuck  – that is fighter pilot – who has flown everything from fast jets to fuel tankers and everything in between. He is also a bit unique in that he has served with three Air Forces – The Royal Australian Air Force, The Royal New Zealand Air Force, and the Royal Air Force. He is also pretty handy with a Camera, and is Australia’s premier Air-to-Air action photographer, with extensive experience flying with the Blue Angels, Patroulle swiss and the Brietling Jet team to name a few. These days though, Jorgo gets his thrills teaching formation and aerobatics, as one of Australia’s most thorough and experienced flying instructors.

Jorgo writes a lot of great gouge which goes on the website, and the almost daily phone calls I got from Jorgo when I was in training helped me pass the incredibly challenging RAAF pilots course

On the gouge podcast, we are going to cover what we think some of the most important topics are in aviation, everything from basic flight training right through to advanced techniques, technical knowledge and CRM. We will talk about what has and hasn’t worked for our careers, tips for studying, preparing for theory exams, aptitude testing and job interviews – right from your first steps through to climbing the professional aviation ladder.

I’m also going to be interviewing some of the best aviation professionals I can find, as well as all of my personal mentors and the role models I looked up to and learned from.

Remember though, this is a passion project, so don’t get too hung up if episodes aren’t released too regularly.

So, lets keep it short and wrap it up there, who doesn’t love logging a good 0.3 – the fast jet guys will know what I am talking about, but personally flying airlift that’s barely enough time to heat up my frozo!

Untill next time, Cheers and safe flying!

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