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Pilot jacket recommendations

There are a couple of different flying jackets that I’d recommend, based on the conditions you’re flying in and your personal preference when it comes to clothing materials.

1. Alpha MA-1 Pilot Bomber Jacket

Pilot Bomber Jackets are the quintessential pilot jackets. Popularized by the bomber command crews of old, the bomber jacket was an innovative response to the harsh cold climates of unpressurized heavy bomber aircraft. The crews would wear these jackets issued by the military to keep warm and they were functional as well as looked great.

The Alpha MA-1 Pilot Bomber Jacket is the original modern flying jacket. In the mid-1950s, Alpha Industries was contracted to provide flying jackets to US Air Force and Navy Pilots and ground crews and is one of the best quality, functional pilot jackets you can get.

The Alpha MA-1 is my preferred flying jacket for the majority of my GA flying. There plenty of knock-off versions available online, but trust me, you want the genuine Alpha Jacket. The stitching quality is just so much better, making it both warm and windproof.

It has zipped pockets to prevent FOD during flight, but unlike many of the competitors, the zips are designed to be anti-snag, so that you don’t get a stuck pocket zip mid-flight.

The inside of the Jacket is high-visibility orange so that you can wear the jacket inside-out in the event of a forced landing where you’re waiting to be rescued.

pilot jacket
1,780 Reviews
Alpha Industries MA-1 Bomber Flight Jacket - Fighter Pilot...
  • Authentic Design - Refer to Size Chart for Jacket Measurements....
  • Individual Style - Signature red ribbon hang tag on sleeve...
  • Form & Function - Reversible flight jacket with water-resistant...

2. Landing Leathers A-2 Pilot Leather Jacket

Pilot Leather jackets are the next step from the bomber jackets. Hard-wearing leather is incredibly durable and comfortable, doesn’t catch on your harness. Honestly, who doesn’t think they look amazing, particularly as a men’s pilot jacket.

The Landing Leathers A-2 Jacket is trusted by many professional pilots and goes very well with a pilot’s uniform. The quality and workmanship of the jacket are extremely good, and this is the sort of jacket you’ll pass on to your children.

A-2 Pilot Leather Jackets are pretty expensive, and a leather jacket isn’t always the best choice to keep warm, I keep my leather A-2 jacket for mid temperatures, and switch to a warmer jacket if I’m flying somewhere particularly cold.

In most milder scenarios though, they work just perfectly and are a popular choice for professional and recreational pilots alike. The additional benefit of the A-2 pilot jacket is that it has epaulets for your rank slides

Landing Leathers Men Air Force A-2 Goatskin Leather Flight...
  • Regular Fit: extra room through the chest and waist for a classic...
  • Snap storm flap over front YKK zipper; Box stitched shoulder...
  • Two dual entry pockets; One interior pocket

3. TW Kempton Woollen pullover with epaulets

A woolen pullover with epaulets is also an incredibly popular uniform item with pilots. Many uniforms will specifically incorporate such a jumper. They fit well and look professional, and some even provide a reinforced section for a security tag alligator clip, as well as epaulets for rank slides and a pen/pencil pocket on the sleeve.

The TW Kempton “Woolly Pully” is the original pullover made for the British armed forces for the past 50 years. Unlike many of the cheap acrylic replicas, The TW Kempton pullover is made of 100% wool, which is extremely important in the event of a fire, since wool is naturally fire-resistance, whereas acrylic will melt to your skin. Even a cotton sweater could burn and harm you in an accident. Wool will also keep you warm when it’s wet, meaning it’s great for survival or just general wear in a winter environment.

Many of my female colleagues prefer a woolen pullover to either a bomber jacket or a leather jacket, so if you’re looking for a ladies pilot jacket, the TW Kempton is a great choice.

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The best 3 pilot watches for any budget

There are many kinds of pilot watches out there, and in this article will examine some of the most common types of pilot watches. Like other types of watches, you can pretty much pay as much or as little as you want. To some extent, fashion has influenced pilot watches, and there are expensive watches like Rolex’s which some pilots wear as jewelry as a status symbol. More commonly, though, pilots want a functional watch, which keeps very accurate time.

Best overall pilot watch – Breitling Navitimer

Top of the range pilot watches can cost tens of thousands of dollars and are precision timepiece instruments. The Breitling Navitimer is one of the world’s most highly sought after pilots watches; usually worn by professional pilots such as airline captains and fighter pilots. It is also one of the best luxury pilot watches you can buy.

The Navitimer features a world-leading mechanism meaning it holds time incredibly well, and I have seen military pilots at the squadron who never need to rehack their watches during morning brief. It is skillfully constructed and a very beautiful timepiece, something that will last not only your lifetime but that will become a family heirloom.

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Best automatic pilot watch under $500 – Citizen Eco-Drive

Good value pilot watches will provide pilots with accurate time. Most of these watches hold time extremely well, and won’t typically need to be reset for multiple days or even weeks.

The Citizen Eco-Drive is our choice for an automatic pilot watch under $500, it is a perfect combination of class and functionality. It looks great, and if looked after it should last you well over 15 years. The crystal face is incredibly lightweight and scratch-resistant, and the bands are durable and can be interchanged as you see fit

Personally, I use a leather band on my watch as this is the safest when it comes to fire – it won’t heat up and burn my wrist, the leather will actually protect me. For those opting for a metal band, it is easy to fit them to this watch using your bare hand and a ballpoint pen, but really you should use a link tool or get a watch specialist to do so.

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Best aviator watch under $200 – Casio G-Shock

Pilot watches don’t need to break the budget, and a number of cheaper watches fulfill all the criteria of a suitable pilot watch, are highly functional and look great.

The Casio G-shock is a common choice amongst military and General aviation pilots due to its low cost, extreme robustness, waterproofing, and accurate timekeeping. It also has great functionality with the ability to set a digital time in Zulu and multiple timezones and has a timer, stopwatch and alarm functions. For this reason, the Casio G shock is our best pick and is a fantastic watch for pilots looking for an aviator watch under $200.

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