Top 10 Aviation Blogs and Websites

When aviation takes you, the need to absorb everything about it is the time-sucking consequence. To save you time and keep you in the good books, we have filtered out our top ten aviation blogs and aviation websites.


If you are an aviation professional, an aviation enthusiast or your head simply tilts up when an aircraft flies over, then this review of the top ten aviation blogs and websites will help save you time! We have spent time with a coffee checking out many and have come up with our favourites. As we all ‘aviation’ different, to make it easy, we have made a catalogue style list, summarised their intent, and determined who each is ideal for. That way you can find your own match. All are secure websites or blogs and we have looked at type and quality of content, presentation, flow, number of followers, and even how easy they are to follow on your social media. Enjoy!

Who visits aviation blogs and websites?

The mystery of aviation has long captivated people, drawing them in with its gravity defying acts. In fact, there is an urban legend which also calls it the ‘aviation syndrome.’ For the lucky ones, they get their fix from flying through the air at one with the machine. For many of the rest, their curiosity still needs to be explored. That is where aviation blogs and websites come in and there are two types of people that visit them. Pilots who love to keep up with the latest, and enthusiasts that perhaps never got the chance to fly.

Whichever you are, we are enabling your aviation need and looking through our top ten aviation blogs and websites.

aviation blogs
Do you have some favourite aviation blogs or websites?

What are the Top 10 aviation blogs and websites?

1.  Aviation Week

The Allrounder

We realised that Aviation Week Network is a personal favourite when scrolling around in the aviation space on social media, found headlines that grabbed our attention, more than once. Once you register for free, your aviation cup can be filled with whatever area is your jam. The extensive range of topics mean that you get every aspect of aviation covered, including AerospaceAir Transport, Business Aviation, MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul), Defense and Space, and Sustainability. This website provides general aviation news in all aspects and is content filled and up to the minute. Can be followed on all the socials however we would prefer that the position of the social icons was at the top.

Ideal for: This website is handy for people working in the industry and the committed enthusiast.

2.  World of Aviation

Big and collaborative

The world of aviation is again one of the big guys which makes it a great place to hang out and as the name suggests, is ‘world news.’ Its model is quite clever in that it uses the local knowledge of a region by collaborating with ‘partners’ such as online magazines and stories. We found the layout very easy to follow with one click and able to be followed on all the socials. This pleased us as the social icons were easy to find at the top.

Ideal for: Both the seasoned professional and enthusiast that love a one stop shop. This website is super easy to navigate and there is no aviation story left behind! 

3.  Uniting Aviation

Industry source

We are jumping to the world of blogs here and feel that going to the source of global aviation is needed for the professional pilot. This uniting aviation blog comes from ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization. ICAO consists of 192 member countries and is where the direction of aviation globally stems from. Much of local regulation comes from ICAO. Not a bad blog to have in your tool kit for knowing what is coming next, what is being considered, and what the global aviation community is supporting, or condemning. You can also access ICAO TV which is recommended check-in as well if you want to stay informed at a global level.

aviation blogs and websites, uniting aviation
Uniting Aviation – the blog from the ICAO

Ideal for: Professional aviators where the decisions and debates will affect you directly. It has over 100,000 followers and when you subscribe you can tailor your interest easily with check boxes, however following socials was not readily available.

4.  The Aviationist

 Military watchdog

 We particularly like the name of this blog, being a merging of an ‘aviation enthusiast’ to ‘aviationist’ … cute. This focussed on global military news and in-depth documentary-style stories. It feels like it is a military watchdog covering all types of military aviation. It is easy to subscribe and follow on the socials.

Ideal for: Either current military professionals or simply military enthusiasts.

5.  Hush Kit

A definite follow me website

We found the entertaining collection of articles and interviews on Hush-kit a ‘follow me’ website. Many of the articles are from external contributors and are published with the honour of the writer at heart. With a quirky play on a ‘hush kit’ which is a device for reducing engine noise, this website subscription will ‘declutter’ the noise around you and keep you interested. Not much to find in the way of socials, but we do like their merchandise online store!

“The miracle and wonder of flight, which has inspired poets, philosophers and madmen, has dwindled into a workaday procedure that we anticipate with the same enthusiasm we feel when we visit the dentist.”  – JG Ballard

Hush-Kit is reminding the world of the beauty of flight.

Ideal for: Anyone who loves reviews and articles on military history and current conversations. It has many followers even ex Top Gun pilots! It is your chance to match it with the big boys!

 6.  AV Geekery

Calling all aviation geeks!

It is ok to call yourself an aviation geek, it is a badge of honour amongst the true aviation tragics! The name says it all and they proudly admit that the information is provided by only the true geeks. This blog is easy to scroll through with much to catch our attention covering an excellent overwatch of the whole aviation industry. We particularly like their review on Top Gun … It will make you feel the need for speed!

aviation blogs and websites, avgeekery
Proudly providing info by true aviation geeks.

 Ideal for: This blog caters for everyone, from the professional aviation geek to the wannabe aviation geek. And yay! The socials are at the top and easy to get connected with.

7.  Plane and Pilot Mag

Aircraft ownership resource

This plane and pilot online magazine/website is a one stop place to get up to speed on your current aviation desires fast. A bit like those insurance comparative sites, but in a good way! With drop down navigation (excuse the pun!), it covers all aspects of your dream to own, has plenty of easy-to-follow resources and education, and even a contest for those that like to win.

“Plane and Pilot builds on more than 50 years of serving pilots and owners of aircraft with the goal of empowering our readers to improve their knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation.”

Ideal for: Aviation dreamers, student pilots and aircraft owners like to keep up with the latest stuff … that you ‘need’ of course! Easy to subscribe but the socials are at the bottom … urgh!

8. Jet Whine

Bold opinion and buzz

We like the simplicity of this blog but do not be fooled, beware of the bold opinion! Full of opinion, debate, and conversation on the story around aviation. People, airlines, and aviation history keeps you interested in following when you feel like an aviation fix with an opinion that makes you think.

aviation blogs and websites, jet whine

Ideal for: Professionals and enthusiasts that like to hear the scuttle butt and formulate their own thoughts about a topic that even can spark conversation over drinks! You can follow on Twitter which is cool.

9. Flying Mag

Aviation quiz winner

We are calling this the most enticing online magazine/website as the graphics grabbed us straight away. With easy to select tabs at the top, we feel like this site will settle any aviation trivia quiz! Plenty of enjoyable reading found in the news, about aircraft, avionics, training, careers and even has a podcast to follow. A plus for the commuter that drives to work still being able to stay up to date on the latest aviation whispers.

Ideal for: Aviation lovers that like to have a regular aviation magazine turn up in their inbox. There is a fee but the sweet look and access to information makes it worth considering the spend. Subscribing is online and easy and smartphone ready.

10. P prune

 Pilot rumours

Ok we tried to avoid this well-known pilot rumour network aviation website but feel that it needed to be mentioned. It is a forum for pilots to ask questions, seek answers and get up to date on the rumours. The reason we are a little reluctant on this one is that sometimes it has been also affectionately known as a place for pilots to moan. Having said that, there is plenty to follow and sometimes is a great place to start your search on an aviation rumour you need further information on. It comes with a caveat and that is to not get into any word fights from the sofa. If you keep that in mind, it is a good one to check into from time to time.

aviation blogs and websites, pprune,
For Pilots that are wanting to keep up with the gossip and rumours

Ideal for: Pilots only that are wanting to keep up with the gossip and rumours. Remember, a good tip is to use it as a ‘read only’ reference!


When aviation gets into your blood, you can never go back to who you were before. The curiosity is far reaching whether you are an aviation professional or aviation enthusiast. From identifying what is flying over you or under you to knowing the latest technology that is being developed, it is important you know the top ten aviation blogs and websites to make sure you can be a self-professed expert. If you live with a non-aviation person, then we hope that this guide helped you find your match to save you from the complaints about the time you spend reading about flying. You can never take the aviation out of the aviation lover. You are welcome!

Do you have some favorite aviation blogs that we didn’t mention here? Feel free to share them in the comments!

We also have a review of the Flyertalk online magazine HERE.

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