VeryDrone Review – High quality drones for all purposes

What is a Verydrone? Where do they sit in the drone sphere and what do they have to offer? If you’re after a high-quality drone, we take a look at whether Verydrone is the trusted one-stop-shop you are after. 


We dig a little deeper into what exactly Verydrone is. Are they an online store? Or are they a forum or a place drone owners can go to share their passion for drones? Or are they all of the above?

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What is VeryDrone?

Verydrone evolved from a pure love for a new and evolving art form and technology to become a successful platform offering drone advice and high-quality drones for sale.

Very drone is a shared space for drone pilots, enthusiasts, film makers and aerial photographers to collaborate, share adventures and shop.

Verydrone is also an online store with a plethora of new and refurbished drones and accessories.

The website also answers any questions you have regarding owning a drone from how drones actually work, drone racing and travelling with drones.


What types of drones do Verydrone sell?

Very drone specialise in selling DJI Drones – a Chinese technology-based company with Headquarters based in Shenzhen.

DJI drones are the market leader when it comes to drones and Verydrone offers a great selection from their range

If you ask any aerial photographer with a passion for their craft they will tell you DJI drones are worth every bit of their premium price tag

verydrone, DJI FPV drone
The DJI FPV Drone

What about refurbished drones?

Yes! Verydrones also sells refurbished drones. Each refurbished drone is sold with a warranty. Given the large price tag that comes with DJI drones, refurbished products are a great budget-conscious option.

Refurbished drones are sold on a different page of the website so you can be clear on whether you are shopping the brand new or refurbished ranges.

verydrone, refurbished
You can get a wide selction of DJI refurbished drones on the Verydrone site

What else do they sell?

Aside from selling the obvious – drones, Verydrone sells a multitude of accessories from gimbals and protective carry cases through to spare batteries and SD cards. Verydrone is affiliated with Drone Nerds, offering a direct link to the drone repair company. The plethora of products and after sale care offered by Verydrone prove that Verydrone provide an end-to-end purchase process with no stone left unturned.

Where is Very drone based?

Verydrone is based in Florida, in the US. However, they ship worldwide and have both a domestic and international customer base.

Where does Verydrone ship to?

Verydrones ships both within the US and internationally. There is no flat standardised shipping fee, this is dependent on the product and country outside the US the order is being shipped to.

You are able to create an account or check out as a guest through the Verydrone site. You can also look for an online coupon code to apply to various products, giving you a big discount.

Customers can contact Verydrone directly via email, phone or online chat about any questions or concerns they have.

You can also find them on Facebook HERE.

What is the shipping fee?

Orders over $499 and within the US are free. Domestic orders within the US that are placed for ‘in stock’ items before 2pm are shipped the same business day.

Verydrones also ships internationally. Verydrones uses a third-party shipping company for international sales. Once customers check out they are redirected to a third-party outlet – GlobalShopex – that calculates relevant taxes and duties for their purchase and the specific country they are shipping to, as well as the approximate ship date.

Is there a returns policy?

Verydrone offer a flexible return policy. Verydrone offers a policy that allows customers to return the product unopened for simply the cost of the postage and a 5% cancellation fee. If the product has been opened, a 25% restocking fee does apply.

With there being some level of cost associated with the return of drone products from Verydrone, it is important that drone purchasers research the product they are after and whether their desired product will suit their exact flying needs. You might also want to consider whether drone insurance is appropriate for you or not.

The online chat function on the site ensures customers are able to ask any question about the drone they are shopping for, giving customers the peace of mind that they are able to make a purchase with complete confidence.

Advantages of Verydrone

  • Verydrone in a one-stop shop when it comes to all things drones
  • Offers a comprehensive return policy
  • They offer good customer service either online or over the phone
  • You can find coupon codes for Verydrones and their products if you shop around, then apply these on the checkout page.
The DJI Action 2 dual screen combo
The DJI Mavic refurbished combo

 Disadvantages of Verydrone

  • If shopping from outside the US, taxes and duties can accumulate and make purchases expensive
  • Verydrone does not discuss drone ownership rules for operating drones in airspace
  • Verydrone offers only one brand of drone for sale

Important to Note

It is important drone users are trusted to be aware of and follow the drone operating legislation for their respective airspace.

Flight rules that are general for most countries include regulations such as:

–   Not flying drones at an altitude higher than 400ft

–   For drones over 250 grams, a 5.5km exclusion zone exists for controlled airports

–   Drones must be operated during the day and must not fly through cloud or fog.

Conclusion – Is Verydrone a good place to buy drones?

Verydrones is a trusted platform, created by drone lovers for drone lovers. Drones are an ever-evolving piece of technology and Verydrone offers a one-stop shop when it comes to drones. Verydrone has many of the Rolls Royce of drones and it is a trusted site for brand new and refurbished drones and accessories. Just don’t forget to look around for the availability of a Verydrone discount code or Verydrone promo code on various websites.

The customer care provided by Verydrone ensures that customers are able to purchase with confidence with many Verydrone customers becoming return customers given the complete start-to-finish sale experience. If you are in the market for a drone or any drone accessory, Verydrone is a must visit.

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